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Interesting street photography in the ordinary

  Rey Luciano is a Philippino Street Photographer that does both B&W and color work. Here’s some of his work with a few questions.   Rey, please tell us a bit about yourself   Hi! My full name is Rey Luciano Soliven, Rey Soliven is fine....

Reader accomplishments: Stockholm Monokrom exhibition

  Inspired Eye aims to be a platform for the street-travel-documentary photography community. We bring light to what photographers are doing through the magazine and the blog, so we are more than happy to feature reader accomplishments. Here’s one from our reader Tommi Linna, interviewed in issue 4.  ...

Blurry Streets: The invisible time that goes by

  Street Photographer Paola Saetti has a selection of blurry street photographs, I sent her a few questions to learn more about her and her series.     Paola, please tell us a bit about yourself    I’m 50 years old and I studied law...

Overview of the Fuji X Cameras

      In this long podcast episode Don & Olivier go over the Fuji X system cameras, asking if they can give the rangefinder experience, the settings they use & more. Cameras covered: Xpro1, Xe1, Xt1, X20   Clarification: - Metabones HAS Speedboosters for the...


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