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One image per shoot #2 (Alan Scott)

  [The one shot project is showcasing THE one shot you got from a recent shoot, read here and submit your own]   I was having trouble getting into that space that would let me take photos on the street. Having recently arrived in Thailand...

One image per shoot #1 (C. Whitney- Ward)

  Ok, I know that most of you are completely satisfied with your photography and the results. I really appreciate you reading this even tho you don't need the following exercise but.. there are some, like myself that are always seeking a new higher level...

“Communication Breakdown” Juxtaposition Street Photography

  Enrico Markus Essl has an eye for finding juxtapositions when doing Street Photography. Here some of his clever images with a statement.   Series "Communication Breakdown“ I’m keen on continuing looking for objects which encourage people to think of their own stories. The pictures...

10 creativity tips for your street photography

Creativity sometimes eludes us, but that doesn't mean it can't be brought back! Here I compile 10 creativity tips for photographers, just in case it needs a shot in the arm.   Introduction First let's define our terms, what I mean by "creativity" is not what most...

Creative photography within a mile from home

  Lynn Roylance, who has a must see 1966 Saigon feature, loves to stimulate his creativity by limiting himself to geographical confinements. He was featured for his work around his house, now here is his work made "Within a mile" from his house.     1899 was a...

Graham Alexander: Looking deeply into life

  Click after jump button for a feature of Graham Alexander and his photography   1. Please tell us a little about you and what you do with photography.   I am married with three grown-up children. They all continue to live with us on and...


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