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Submit your shots for the September 2014 issue

  The next issue of now Open for reader images!!!!   Simply hit the reply button at the bottom of this post and attach your image, one image per comment. You can resubmit past images. One image will also be featured as an image for...

Clearing my mind with Photography: Bart Uijterlinde

  After his life as a manager, Bart picked up the camera and started shooting. Here's a presentation of his work and what he has to say about photography.   Bart, please tell us about yourself     My name is Bart Uijterlinde (1948), born...

Photography is a journey: Sarah Gusaas

  My name is Sarah Gusaas. I live in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana. Like most photographers I know, I take my camera everywhere I can. Some of my best memories and personal favorite photos have been taken while crawling on the ground....

How to do Flash Street Photography

  There are multiple schools of aesthetic in Street Photography, and one of the most popular is: Flash Street Photography. Here is an in-depth tutorial on how to do it.   Part 1- Flash Street Photography: Introduction   Why use flash?     I think...


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