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Photography Articles Roundup (week 41)

  Those who join the Photography Newsletter get this digest every friday. It contains the articles from this site but also from community blogs and other photography websites. "It's the one email I look forward reading every week" said a subscriber. Email subscribers also get a free issue of...

10 tips to boost your self esteem as a photographer

  You've been there. You made this killer shot that just barely believe is yours. You process it and you upload it to Facebook and Flickr and call it a day. Surely this is is, right? EVERYONE will probably like it or favorite it. Happy...

One Image Per Shoot #20 (Rod Purcell)

Hi Guys This is the selection from a long day of walking the hot and rather wet streets of Hong Kong. I was concentrating on people (mainly women) shopping, and fascinated by the contrast between the large billboards of beautiful people and glamorous lifestyles compared...

One Image Per Shoot #19 (Alex Skytte)

Hej Don The picture in very much rain of the smoking young ladys is taken a day in August 2014, while I was waiting for the bus. Camera : Nikon D 300 with 18 – 200 mm 1/125 sec. f 5,6 iso 400 Picture edit...

One Image Per Shoot #18 (Jordi Mustieles)

Hi there, Sorry if I'm intruding, but I understand this is open to all, right? And it looks so good, I feel I want in. So, here's the one photo from a shoot at Barcelona airport. I do not quite know what to say about...

One Image Per Shoot #17 (Jochem Jay Schmidt)

This photo was shot from the hip on a moving bus with an analog range finder camera. Raising the camera to eye level would have spoiled this special moment of young and old together, but each separate in their own world. It's not as sharp...


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