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How to do Flash Street Photography

  There are multiple schools of aesthetic in Street Photography, and one of the most popular is: Flash Street Photography. Here is an in-depth tutorial on how to do it.   Part 1- Flash Street Photography: Introduction   Why use flash?     I think...

10+ street photography tips for beginners

Street photography might seem daunting to some, I know quite a few folks that are intensely interested but never make the jump. To rememediate, here's 10 street photography tips for beginners to get started shooting. 1) Street Photography Doesn't start in the streets Before I...

Walking and watching: a Zine

Jorge Silva's Portugal street photography is awesome, and now he decided to pack them up in a zine. Here's a back and forth with him, along with some tips for those who want to do the same. Jorge, can you tell us a bit more...

Inspired Eye Issue 12 is out

  Hey, just a quick note that Inspired Eye issue 12 is hitting the digital shelves (ipads, tablets, phones, etc). There's a LOT of content, 200+ pages of interviews and photography inspiration. If you like the blog, you will love the magazine. Get it now!  plus,...


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