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Submit your shots for the November 2014 issue

  The next issue of now Open for reader images!!!!   Simply hit the reply button at the bottom of this post and attach your image, one image per comment. You can resubmit past images. One image will also be featured as an image for...

One Image Per Shoot #24 (Alfonsus D. Johannes)

Hi Don, Here's my try for One Per Shoot Project. I was on a road trip visiting my friend, and I was stopping by at a mosque at the side of the road. Just feel like to grab my camera and take a look around....

One Image Per Shoot #23 (Tina Leggio)

I had gotten a late start to the day. There’s construction being done on my building so the sound of power tools right outside my window wakes me up at different times everyday. This leaves me sluggish even in my haste to leave my apartment...

One Image Per Shoot #22 ( Olivier Rateau )

  Hi Don, When I read your post about "One image per shoot", I immediately thought of 2 pictures I took this summer in Poland. Because the situation in these 2 images happened in quite the same way : I was aiming for something when...

One Image Per Shoot #21 (Shreya Bansal)

  When I see this photo it just directly connects to my heart. The innocent smile on their faces makes my day. Also this was the first and the best shot that day. I took this shot while these children were playing in an auto...

Photography Articles Roundup (week 41)

  Those who join the Photography Newsletter get this digest every friday. It contains the articles from this site but also from community blogs and other photography websites. "It's the one email I look forward reading every week" said a subscriber. Email subscribers also get a free issue of...


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