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So, what’s the best film camera ever?

  Here’s a new series of posts about reader opinions. It’s halfway between blog and forum and is intended to get the -opinionated!- discussion going So the first topic we will tackle gear…what in your opinion the best film camera ever? And of course state...

Submit your shots for the August 2014 issue

The next issue of now Open for reader images!!!!   Simply hit the reply button at the bottom of this post and attach your image, one image per comment. You can resubmit past images. One image will also be featured as an image for reader’s...

Roaming Beijing Streets

  Francois Nadeau was lucky enough to go to Beijing, I asked him a few questions and requested a few photos, here they are!   Francois tell us a bit about yourself I’m a professional photographer and, in my parallel life, a music composer for...

Kevin Shelley, do what you like

Kevin Shelley is a street photographer from the UK, here’s a back and forth with him 1 Please tell us a little about you and what you do with photography. I’m 46 and live in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, the English...

That one shot worth the wait with Jukka Tilus

Here’s our second feature photographer of the week, Jukka Tilus. If you wish to be on the blog, please send an email here and I will send you the info.   1. Please tell us a little about you and what you do with photography. Hi, my...


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