09- Exposure & Stops of Light

We had a brief glance at Exposure, here we go more in depth and also give an explanation of “Stops” of Light.




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How many stops is f/2 from f/4?

Answer:  2 stops


I am on an aperture 1.4 and I am 4 stops overexposed. What can I do if I want to keep the 1.4 aperture and don't want to touch the ISO?

Answer:  Make my shutter speed 4 stops faster. The aperture is wide open so I need less time for the image to get made.



Now it's time to play with your camera, put it on M mode. Figure out with the help of your manual how to change your Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO.

Play around with the dials, if you open your aperture 3 stops, make the shutter speed 3 stops faster. Play and observe how you get the same exposure.