Inspired Eye issue 42

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Inspired Eye is a photography magazine that exists to showcase the work of interesting people within the photography community, whether you’ve heard of them or not. You will learn and be inspired in ways you didn’t expect.

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Issue Highlights:


 How a photographer mixed noir and romance in his work
Salvatore Matarazzo's in-your-face flash style
 The intricate, layered images of a brazilian photographer
 Why this writer turned to photography
 What to do when inspiration doesn't come



 How photography is a form of mediation
 Why practice doesn't make perfect
 How to find inspiration in old movies
& more in 203 beautifully laid out pages


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This jam-packed issue features the work and words of:

  • Cristina Duca
  • Ed Wight
  • Keith Vaughton
  • Marcelo Argolo
  • Martin Sanders
  • Nico Ferrara
  • Omri Shomer
  • Salvatore Matarazzo
  • Sam Rodgers