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Shoot better street photography, fast, by spending 10 minutes a day with Inspired Eye Street Photography Magazine & it’s monthly video insights. The monthly fresh interviews keep your creativity alive while the insights video reveals insider secrets so that you can crank up truly remarkable street photography.

featured in 2019

A Street Photography Magazine Perfect For Busy People

Dear friend,
Do you just want to make great pictures but just don’t have the time to figure out how to do it?
Or even if you DO have the time, you find yourself disappointed with your images?

Well, good news: Now there is a way to become an excellent street photographer without spending countless hours learning it. In fact it takes as little as 10 minutes a day. I will tell more about it further down, but first I have a confession to make.

When I started street photography, I was already married and had all the time in the world to shoot. But then, everything changed when I had my first son. And the one thing I use to dedicate a lot of time to pursuing – street photography- has been pushed to the wayside. 

If you had camera to watch my every move, you could hardly call me a “street photographer”. I just don’t have the time some of the teens who interview me for their school paper have. 

I’ve barely  spent time becoming a better street photographer for the last 10 years. I’ve got a very demanding schedule, two kids and a wife. Between me and you, I remember oh too well how it felt like when my dad didn’t have time for me so I usually end up playing with them instead of dedicating my time to images.

So I confess: If you look at the time I spend to it…I’m not much of a street photographer.

But it doesn’t matter.

Why? Because it’s not about the amount of time you put *in* street photography that counts, it’s your ability to *make* pictures. I’ve coached photographers that have dedicated 40 years to the craft, and yet ask me for help.

It’s not the time you put in, it’s your ability to make pictures that count.

Right now, I live in Vietnam, and my son got bit by a stray dog. Hospital. 5x Rabies shots, The whole 9 yards were in order, so I spent the whole month pretty much ignoring street photography. But I kept banging out picture after picture here and there, as if I had was “On” 24/7.

In fact, I made some of my favorite images right when I was the busiest! Check out a few…

bw street photography2
Not too shabby going to the pediatrician
color street phootgraphy
Can’t ask more from shopping with the in-laws
bw street photography
Not bad at all coming back from the grocery store

How does this work?

It is because my mind just like yours is like a sponge. Feed it creativity and it will start producing creativity. All I have to grow my street photography is mainly putting together Inspired Eye every month, so exposure to the images and interviews alone are what worked magic.

If all you had was a subscription to Inspired Eye, your street photography will improve. Guaranteed. 

All it takes 10 minutes a day. So you can still have a busy life AND get some pretty incredible images. 

There are two components that make this work: The magazine And the Insights Videos, here’s what they are about…

Component 1

Monthly Street Photography Magazine

Every month you get a 200 page, beautifully laid out magazine right into your inbox, here are a few pages from the current issue…


Endless Inspiration for your images

We look high and low for fresh, new talent and bring it to you on a monthly basis in Inspired Eye

Creative Process revealed

We ask the right questions that almost force the interviewees to “spill the beans” on what makes their creative juices flow!

Street Photography From Around The World

We bring you Street Photographers from around the world, from Ethiopia to Hong Kong.

Pure Content. No Ads.

Your immersion is full with practically no ads in the magazine. Only one page at the complete end.

Here are some images from past issues…

Every Issue Contains 10 Street Photographer interviews that

Reveal The Creative Process

Each Photographer gets asked a set of questions designed for them to reveal their “secret sauce”

Street Photography magazine showcases world

10 Exclusive interviews per month

The exact number may vary but every month you get about 10 interviews from Street Photographers all around the world. You never quite know who you are going to get. One month you might get a famous street photographer you find in a gallery another month is the mother of 3 that bangs out beautiful images in her spare time. 

Curated images

We take all of the images of our interviewees and make a curated selection. Many images end up on the cutting floor. Those who make the cut are sequenced so that you can have a pleasing experience going trough the pages of the magazine.

A unique format that compels interviewees to reveal their secrets

We ask every single on of our interviewees the exact same set of questions. There is a method to our madness. By having the photographers featured as the variable, you get to see how rich the responses are, and these responses sometimes create the exact epiphany you need to “click” with your work.

An immersive experience

Inspired Eye is laid out from A to Z with a design so iconic, it has been ripped off by “inspired” competitors. The design is the way it is so that you can be immersed into the world of street photography. There is nothing else between you and the photographs in the page.

Component 2

Monthly Video Insights

Every month you get a 60 minute-ish video that goes trough the current issue of the magazine. It is full of actionable street photography tips. Inside you get…

Insightful Composition Tips

Mindset issues and how to get around them

Finding your own style

What makes images work

Every Video Insight reveals…

The Simple Secrets That Most Street Photographers Are Clueless About

Each Photographer gets asked a set of questions designed for them to reveal their “secret sauce”

Every monthly video Insight is both Don Springer and I going trough the magazine and revealing a wealth of tips, secrets and strategies that make you a better street photographer just by watching. This comes from be havng 10 years of experience as a Graphic Designer, street photographer and professional photographer. Don has 50 years of experience as a street photographer and was the protege of one of the most important museum curators in the world. Don’t be jealous, I hate him already way too much for it. 

We have a very low tolerance for dumbed-down content, no-talent street photography gooroos, so what you get every month in downloadable and streaming for is pure 60 minutes of street photography tips as we go trough each issue of the magazine. You won’t find this stuff anywhere, especially Youtube.

Because most “Street Photographers” out there are simply bloggers with Google-fu exploiting unsuspecting people like you and me. Good for them being popular and all, but bad for you if you actually want to make pictures. Most of these guys don’t even show their own pictures, but other photographer’s as example…It’s kinda like trusting someone who never drove to show you how to drive. Bad idea, right?

What Our Subscribers Have To Say:

Note: Most of these are not real names. Not because they wished to remain anonymous, but because these testimonials were saved as images and while the words were preserved, the screenshots did not have the names attached to them. Bummer.

Here’s How This Works


Click on the “add to cart” button and you will be taken to our order page.  It takes 30 seconds to fill up your information and checkout. Your information is 100% safe and protected by Paypal

Get Current Issue & Bonuses

After checkout you will be taken to a page to download the current issue of the magazine. Gold tiers will also be able to download their bonuses and the insights video if already available.

Get Next Issue

When a new issue gets the green light, you will receive and email with your download link. Clink on it to be transported into the fantastic world of Street Photography. Just 10 minutes of day of Inspired Eye will work on your images.

Get Video Insights

About 10 days after the release of the issue, Gold and Platinum tiers will receive another email containing a link to download or stream the video insights, revealing the creatvity boosting tips you can get from the current issue.

You get Everything you need to Improve your Street Photography no matter how demanding your schedule. Everything is delivered in a convenient PDF and MP4 format compatile with most devices: iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, Android Phone, Tablet, Etc.


But that is not all…

Act Now And You Immediately
Receive 4 Additional FREE Bonuses:

Included with your subscription is 4 valuable bonuses. Take a look at that you also get…

BONUS 1 ($5 Value)

Enrich Your Street Photography With Exclusive
Insights From Photojournalism

Street Photography’s closes sibling is Photojournalism. Gain amazing insights from tell-all interviews from 3 photojournalists in different stages of their career.

BONUS 2 ($47 Value)

Make Spectacular Shots With The Ultimate Composition Blueprint

In 30 mins, I reveal the most powerful composition trick that allows you to make breathtaking images easily. Hint: It’s NOT the rule of third

BONUS 3 ($5 Value)

Craft Breathtaking Images With The Composition Blueprint Manual

Take your composition to new heights in one sitting. This short manual expands and explains the finest points of the One Word Composition blueprint for even more creative possibilities for your images.

BONUS 4 ($20 Value)

Make Outstanding Pictures With The Simple Hollywood Composition Secret

You probably know that Stanley Kubrik is one of the most famous, well respected and loved movie directors off all time. But did you know that the biggest blueprint for his movies was the One Word composition? In this quick video I explore what makes 6 of his scenes work.

By now you might be wondering…

How much for all this?

Let’s make a count shall we? I’m going to tell you what you get and how much they actually cost. Let’s see: Each issue is sold at $5, and each video at $25. Add to this the special issue ($5), One Word composition video ($47), Manual ($5) and Kubrik video ($20). Also, about the One Word video, someone paid $2000 to a fancy school and never even heard of this powerful concept capable to upgrade your images quickly.

$107 Worth of Value


Silver Tier
Magazine Only


Every 6 Months

  • Monthly Magazine
  • Monthly insights video
  • Photojournalism special issue
  • One Word Composition
  • One Word Composition manual
  • Kubrik & the One Word
Gold Tier


Every 6 Months

  • Monthly Magazine
  • Monthly insights video
  • Photojournalism special issue
  • One Word Composition
  • One Word Composition manual
  • Kubrik & the One Word
Platinum Tier


One Time

  • Get every issue for life
  • Get every Insights video for life
  • All the bonuses from Gold Tier
  • ALL back issues (68+)
  • ALL past videos (33+ hours)
  • One time fee

That’s not all…

You are Protected by the 100% Risk-free “Creative miracle” guarantee

You either become a better street photographer (with as little as 10 minutes a day) or your money back

Get Inspired Eye, try it for a month. Read the latest issue for just 10 minutes a day, or fire up the Insights video or the One Word Composition video and watch it for a while, and if your images don’t get better immediately I’ll send you a full refund.

If at anytime you wish to cancel, simply go in your account, and click cancel and that’s it. No fuss, no hassle. Inspired Eye was created for busy people to get the most out of their street photography, if for some reason it doesn’t work for you, you will get your money back.

Inspired Eye is the first digital Street Photography magazine in the world, and ever since we opened doors in 2012, we’ve only had ONE refund request because a lady was unsatisfied. The reason? There was no metadata on the shots, like shutter speed, ISO, etc. We tried to tell her what REALLY makes stunning street photography is not the technical but she would have none of it! Compare her to the teacher who emailed me below:

“Hello Olivier, I am a New York photographer and teacher and a faithful reader of Inspired Eye. Indeed I use it regularly in my photography classes to inspire better seeing and more original work”

That’s not all…

If You Are Too Busy For Street Photography Then You Need Inspired Eye

About 10 years ago I was a store in Long Island, New York. I saw some skates, I put them on and launched myself forward. In a split second I was on the floor my hands massaging my back that was hurting like crazy. This moment scared me because only a few years earlier skates were my favorite, and I always had them on.

It’s scary to realize that if you don’t use something, you lose it. If you spend too long ignoring your street photography, if your camera has stayed at the same place for too long, you are risking to lose your creative sense.

You’ve probably experienced this, you go out in the streets, and look. After a while, you SEE a picture in you mind’s eye but the moment you saw it, it was too late. That’s signs that your creative muscle is getting rusty.

You creative muscle, just like the muscles in your body need to be flexed from time to time. If you don’t they atrophy, they wither away from non-use. If you want to make great street photographer but simply don’t have the time for it, you need Inspired Eye.

You can have a highly demanding “I-don’t-have-time-for-myself” schedule AND be an excellent “wow-his-pictures-are-amazing” Street photographer at the same time. All you need is 10 minutes a day with Inspired Eye and watch the monthly video. Both are designed to work a creative miracle in your images or your money back.

There’s great images all around you right now, whether you are ready for them or not. Don’t put this off because once you lose your images, you lose them forever, so give Inspired Eye a try today, and start cranking outstanding images right away!


P.S: You’ve probably spent hundreds of dollars in getting camera. Aren’t your images worth just 10 cents per day? Subscribe now. If you don’t like it, it’s free.

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