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A unique format that aims to

Improve your photography

Tired of all the photography magazines out there that seem to be made just to be thrown out? Well you are not the only one. Don & Olivier, the publishers of Inspired Eye decided to revolt against the current state of street photography magazines and created the one that they wanted to read. Here’s what IE is made of:


  • A large selection of photographers every issue
  • A special focus on the photography community
  • Deep questions to get to know the photographers
  • Learn about what makes certain shooter tick
  • Photographers from different skill levels
  • Photographers from different backgrounds & nationality
  • Recurring questions make the interviewees the only variable
  • Large reader’s gallery


Recurring questions are used in order that the only variable is the photographer being featured. Same question, always a different answer. By reading Inspired Eye you will gain insight into your own work by being exposed to how others view their own. You will also gain wisdom by reading about different ideas that each photographer present.

Inspired Eye improves your photography not by teaching new techniques, but by exposing you to a broad variety of photographers and their philosophy, process and intent


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Inspired Eye is conveniently published in the PDF format, which is supported by the majority of Computers, Smartphones and tablets. Start reading a few interviews on your tablet while on your couch, then while you are out, continue reading while you are waiting for the train or coffee.


What others are saying

There’s nothing worse than toothing one’s own horn, so here are a few words left for us by our readers. A whole page is dedicated to the feedback that we received.

Daniel K.

"Absolutely amazing"

John S.

"[I brought the latest edition of Inspired Eye] It is BRILLIANT! As we say here in Australia absolutely bloody brilliant. Take a bow

Kevin D.

"The best photography magazine I have ever laid eyes on"

Garth M.

"I am enjoying the heck out of my subscription!"

Judith M.

"Your magazine is sensational and I am hooked"

Gary E.

"Inspired Eye is the best magazine I've ever subscribed to (...) You've got a forever subscriber in me and I don't ever want to miss an issue"

Graham A.

Congratulations (...) on a fantastic magazine. It is the best I have found either in traditionally published magazines or in the form of e-magazines - A lot of heart, profundity, wisdom, technical know-how, fascinating interviews with 'real' people, and great images"

Michael D.

"It is one of a handful of Magazines in my fourthy odd years that has really impacted me"

To sum it all up: Inspired Eye is food for your photography, published every month


Only 19.95 for 6 issues

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Only 19.95 for 6 issues