“Without any hesitation it’s the best photographic magazine that I’ve ever laid eyes upon”

Inspired Eye is  a passionate and authentic photography magazine published in PDF format

A different take on Photography Magazines

As photographers, we really didn’t like the fact that when we bought Photography Magazines, we never got anything out of them. We found them dull and uninspired, and they mostly featured the same people over and over. One providential day, we (Don Springer + Olivier Duong) met by chance saw the possibilities: To create the Photography Magazine that we wished we had. And shortly after, we did.


We were sick and tired of seeing the same photographers being featured, either the famous ones or the past masters. But what about those who are working today? Master photographers are a closed group that had their glory days, and the famous one are already famous, so why put the spotlight on those who already have enough?

So we decided to feature our heroes: Normal working photographers that do passionate work. We featured mothers, grandmothers, full time office workers, full time photographers, people we all can relate to and be inspired from. We love photography and we believe it borderlines tunnel Vision to always feature the 1% (make that 0.3% or something) that are famous at the detriment or sometimes more deserving photographers who work hard at their passion. These are our heroes.


We believe that what photographers do matters and Inspired Eye Magazine flows naturally from that belief. We don’t care about credentials, wealth and accomplishments, our currency is in terms of passion. The world is full of shooters and we make it our task to bring to the spotlight the full spectrum of photographers. The Magazine is made up of photographers and enthusiasts like you who live out their passion and in turn help you live yours.

Who is this Magazine for

We created Inspired Eye to be accessible for anyone who is interested in Photography, whether you are a Pro, Amateur or Anything in between. It’s for those who like photography in general, but the focus is on Street Photography, Documentary Photography and Travel Photography in particular. It’s all about “real life” photography if you like.

9 ways you can benefit from Inspired Eye

  Many Interviews


Inspired Eye features many interviews from photographers of diverse backgrounds, levels and styles. The interviews are designed for you know more about the photographer, but also for you to do some soul searching.

  Better Composition


Each issue has a section on design and composition “The Inspired Frame” written by a Graphic Designer turned Photographer. It’s a favorite amongst readers.

  Unique & Immersive


Everything about Inspired Eye is designed to immerse yourself in photography: The colors, the layout, the typography, the interview style. Loose yourself while learning and improving your craft.

  Features your work


Behind Inspired Eye is no iron wall but living and breathing passionate photographers. We understand the drive for photography and feature our readers in the Magazine, from the readers gallery to interviews, it started with an email.

  Read on multiple devices


You probably own more than one device, once download on your devices, you can start reading on your Computer, continue to read on your Phone and finish everything on your Tablet. Take your magazine wherever you are to get inspired.

  Augmented Magazine


Inspired Eye has a traditional and interactive philosophy. It is hyper-linked and has embedded content. It varies issue from issue but some sections includes screencasts, audio, etc. For PDF readers that do not support interactivity, link are provided in Magazine. 

  Authentic Photography


Photography Magazines can be an appearance game. We cut the fluff and go directly to the heart of the matter: Photographers and their Photography. We feature real life photographers who work hard at their craft, we bring you a diverse spectrum to draw from.

  Street Photography


Inspired Eye is heavy into Street Photography, in every issue expect many interviews but also “In the Street with Streetshooter” a entertaining recurring column on the story behind street shots of a reknown Street Photographer.

  Travel Photography


The Magazine features another recurring column on travel photography “The Inspired Traveler”. Hints, tips, philosophy about traveling can be found in this section. A reader’s favorite. Okay… all of the sections are favorites!




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Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our readers had to say:

Dinner in Porto by the Douro river re-reading @TheInspiredEye.

Owe some words to Don & Olivier on how it helps me. Inspiring isn’t enough!


- Rafael Garcia

I need the new Issue as soon as possible… this magazine really changed my way of doing photography!

You guys made me feel the urge of go out and shoot everyday!


- Raidy Hernandez

Insightful interviews of compelling artists, coupled with their stunning work, all presented in an elegant design. Coupled with writing of the highest quality makes each issue of Inspired Eye a source of encouragement and aspiration for the tentative new shooter and the seasoned vet alike.

- Rick P.

I’ve subscribed from issue one, and can say without any hesitation it’s the best photographic magazine that l’ve ever laid eyes upon, and incredible value for money.


- Philip A Rigby

Even if we had to kidnap their pets for such nice words, we are still blushing!


You will receive 6 issues. Afterwards only 9.95 for 6 issues! Cancel anytime with a click