Alexandr Kulikov is photographer from Moscow, Russia. his  interest to photography started at his 14-16th years and it was very specific.  After parents gifted first PC to him he start trying to do collages in photo editor, after some time.




I asked myself why I edit photos took by another and buy my first digital camera (it was Rekam T55). I took it everywhere and took pictures all time. I just liked to see lights on images or people or something else.




Most important for me in photography it’s a light and feelings – sometimes it can be so funny when I shoot nudes, but more think about hard shadows and lights. But more interesting for me to find some geometry in light/shadow on streets.




All my life with camera (from 16 years old) I spent many time in public transports: buses, trains, minibuses. And usually I spent for one ride minimum half hour. This time all people thinking about something, somebody reading, somebody sleeping or listening music.




I have many time to view on different people. And I started take pictures of passengers: usually they does not know about it. People in Russia don’t like when strangers take pictures with theirs.




But when you spent your time – it’s like stop in life – they need to wait before going to their life and business. I shooted passengers about 10 years, but only in this year, when I looked in my archives I saw this theme in my photos.




I am very agree with Chase Jarvis: “the best camera is the one that with you”. Sometimes it was film: Zeiss Ikon ZM, Hasselblad, Olympus OM2N, Mamiya C220, Keiv 88. Sometimes it was digital: smartphone, 5dIII, Leica T (I tested this camera for week), leica M. But it does not matter.




Street photography for me it’s about three thing: lights/shadows, geometry, people. I never asked people to do something for picture, but sometimes they notice me and I need connect and explain what I do.




Very rare when I stand on one place and took a few pictures or waiting something. usually I am with music in my handphones walking on streets and took pictures with speed and chance, don’t look to viewfinder (I use 50mm or 35mm and can imagine what will be in frame).




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