The best photographs are made close to us. In that spirit, here's Tchad with some nice images of his surroundings with a few comments.


My name is Tchad Blake originally from Texas. I’ve worked in music for 35 years with photography being a hobby for even more years. Never really took it seriously until now though.


The Blakes live on a fairly secluded farm in Wales. My wife Jacqs is an equine podiatrist and Think Like A Pony Instructor so I’m around horses a fair bit, sheep and cattle too.

There was a link in the photography newsletter recently about being in one place a lot and trying to see new things to photograph each time you look. That really resonates with me as I work from home and don’t get out much beyond the property.



My aim is to look for a not so recognisable angle or mood, searching for the abstract. I often like things seeming incomplete because there starts a fantasy.


Playing with NIK software, a bit too much I think but I’m loving the possibilities. Looking at some of these now I think there’s too much ‘analog’ processing.


I mean, I do like it although I also like what happens in digital with no analog artefacts. Digital B&W without film grain is pretty cool. Not better or worse than film; just different and I like different.


It's very exciting with all these tools available to mix and match giving me a bump start to experiment.






I hope you enjoyed my images from around the farm!