epson rd1 and ricoh grd shirts for photographers


[I] have so many projects in my head, I need to get the out! These shirt designs have been in my head way too long, so I went ahead an did them.


I like shirts where only those who know “get” it. For example I was at a food store and what do I see on a dude's shirt? Fox hound logo. I smiled and said “cool shirt”! To everybody else it was a generic shirt, but for me, I knew what it was: Metal Gear Solid (a video game). That's why I like designing shirts that only those who “know” can get it. Who else but photographers can recognize the sexy gauges or point and shoot camera?
There will be more coming up, I hope to dedign about 100 or so. Get yours here or click on the Shutteraddicts logo on the right. Hope you enjoy them, already ordered mine….for “testing” of course 🙂