Epson RD1 Pinhole fun

[C]ouple of days ago I started thinking about what the most basic camera was, turns out it is just a light tight box with a hole and a piece of film on the other end. I wanted to build one in order to explain exposure on some YouTube videos, replacing the film with the body of a digital camera for illustration's sake when I realized I had an Epson RD1 body cap  and that I could build my own DIY pinhole camera for fun (the one on the YT video will be different) since I am still waiting for my Jupiter 8 from Russia.


I searched the house for something strong and pointy and found a cornholder (please don't tell my wife) and burned the edge and made a whole in the cap. Since I made the whole too big, I had to tape a piece of fake leather on it and made a smaller hole. Here's what it looks like:


a diy pinhole photography cap for the epson rd1 digital rangefinder



The Epson RD1 is fun to use by itself but it becomes 5 times more fun when it has the pinhole cap on. I had no clue of what I was framing, if the exposure was correct, but I really didn't care, it was so much fun I felt like a kid with a camera.


epson rd1 pinhole photography image 1




landscape with epson rd1 pinhole


Since the pinhole is an extremely small hole opening (a pinhead's) there needed to be a lot of time for the exposures, I left the camera at ISO 1600 (quite the film like quality) and most exposures were at around a second to half a second, the blurriness only added to the charm of the photographs.


stop sign in epson rd1 pinhole camera




tree in pinhole lens cap for epson rangefinder





rangefinder pinhole photography with epson rd1



Below is an attempt at a portrait, you can make out the face but it was an overcast day and I maxed out the ISO and could not go beyond 1 second handheld.



pinhole portrait with rangefinder




telephone pole shot with pinhole rangefinder camera the epson rd1



plastic chair shot with a rangefinder and a diy pinhole lens cap




clouds as viewed trough a pinhole epson rd1




diverging roads with a pinhole rangefinder




tree in front of the sun with a pinhole epson rd1




no parking photo with a pinhole camera the epson rd1




model in wallgreens shot with a pinhole cap and epson rd1




arrow win a pinhole digital rangefinder




My wife asked me if I was really taking a picture since there was nothing protuding of the camera. It does look a bit funky, but I like the flat look, remind me of the new 40mm pentax pancake.




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