Street Photography and more with the Fuji X100

After years of using Nikon and Leica’s . I bought a second hand 1st Generation X100 unit as the reviews on the camera were outstanding and I wanted something small enough to carry with me all the time . The Fuji X100 line is one of the best street photography cameras.

The only drawback at that time, is the fact that I had to deal with initially were odd looks and comments of my peers of “Why a Fuji”..LOL!!! I don’t seem to hear much of that nowadays…

The only words that give justice to this Gem of a camera comes from the poet WB Yeats … “The world is full of magic Things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper”.

The X100 is such a Thing! This camera surprises me every time I use it with latitude and range… I actually feel myself getting and better at my art every time I use this baby!

The X100 a top notch 23mm (35mm in 35mm terms) lens with a brilliant camera attached. It has brilliant low light capabilities and renders images in colour beautifully.

Excellent at full Auto , I seldom ever miss shot & it is so confidence inspiring that I don’t use the image preview function anymore. Yes…we are never in doubt and also …no more chimping for me …

Manual override using Exposure priority & spot metering , turbocharges the unit and the positive physical dials reminds us that we are in full control of our image destiny . The bright ,bright ,bright , electronic viewfinder with manual focus highlights is just ecstasy !

For me , F8 and Being There …ROCKS!!!

Its vintage looks and silent shutter (Yahoo!!!) makes for an excellent stealth cam for Street work…no one gives a hoot about an old uncle (I'm 52)  framing away with an analogue…so it seems …lol!

The X100 has opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of post-production work .

Having a 23mm fixed lens meant that I had to read and practice cropping …something I never did extensively prior to this. I was used to composing the final image in camera , so to speak …a hangover from composing in camera and sending the negatives to the developer days.

This lead me to the enthralling work of Arnold Newman and Fan Ho who both cropped extensively….in fact they insisted on it being de rigueur in “making a picture” , as Ansel Adams would say.

Are there any Negatives or Con to my Pros. … NONE really and I dare say there will always, I believe , a FUJI X100 or its variant in my camera bag as long as I can press shutters.

Street Photography and more with the Fuji X100 - 11b

What is it about the camera that makes it special …. ? At the risk of sounding cliché … the secret is really that The X100 is actually portable magic photo box J …it’s that good !

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8 thoughts on “Street Photography and more with the Fuji X100”

  1. Kevin, your images are absolutely wonderful. Being an avid reader on inspired eye, I seldom comment, but your images have spoken Kevin… I’m not a pro photographer, let alone being a good one at photography, but your images set a benchmark, in my opinion. Love the processing as well.
    Olivier and Don: you guys are doing a great job with this site, thank you, and keep up the great work.


  2. Great pictures. I love the way you tackle the B§W “black is black style”. Inspiring for someone who possesses the X-100 and just bought the X-10 which is also a picture machine, rich in color rendition and very responsive.

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  4. Kevin thanks for your inspiring contribution. I bought the first version of the X10 some years ago and find this camera amazing. I have no experience of the X100 but have been read the excellent reviews. Both cameras appear to have the same qualities, the X10 being slightly smaller also providing a modest zoom facility. Fuji colour is superb, exhibiting a welcome lack of extremes of colour value. The camera’s ability to portray subtle tonal rendition especially in the mid-tones must be second to none.

    One wonders why we should need any other camera!

    I sincerely hope that in the future Fuji does not foresake the qualities of its own sensor for others because it is precisely this that sets these beautiful cameras apart.

  5. Kevin, you make a strong case for the Fuji X100. My pals and I are also multi-camera enthusiasts depending on the project and we are all watching the Fuji range evolve with great interest. Great images by the way. I enjoyed your post

  6. Hey

    Would love to know what DSLR or Digital Camera you’d recommend for fashion photography? I am a Fashion Blogger and I use Canon EOS 700D and what I want is to take sharp images with blurry backgrounds. I tried the Canon 50mm 1,8 lens but it didn’t do the work. Am I doing something wrong :/
    Would love to hear your opinion on what camera I should invest in + lens.

    1. I’m sorry for the late reply, i was busy moving the site and missed it. The 50mm 1.8 should do it, you just need to put the lens in 1.8, that should blur the background nicely!

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