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Member Neill Soden got his hands on the Fuji X100T. He has a lot of nice family oriented images so I asked him to talk about his images and his opinion on the Fuji x100s vs x100t since he had both.

[All images made with the X100t] I want to thank Olivier Duong for allowing me to write for his site once again. It’s always a great feeling when asked by such great collaborations to show off a little of one’s work.




I really love taking photos, and continuously do so. I tend to try a little bit of everything, most of it are all ideas and projects I make up as I go. I do tend to stay way from big stuff with lights, props and models. Although I would love to give it a go at some point, it usually comes with some sort of cost that is very hard to recuperate.  Also, my growing philosophy of my photography is to keep the gear need and use low, light and easy to carry around.




As I make little to no income from photography, I could say it’s driven a lot by my passion and not  by money. I am assuming this helps to some degree, as there are no pressure to perform, and no one to shoot for but myself. It does not help with gear lust, though.




For most events and gatherings or even going out in the streets, I’ve got my X100T on me. Be it a outing to a restaurant or social event at a friend’s home. I love taking images of my friends’ or family’s kids. I always try to catch the moments in more of a documentary style, with a bit of direction from time to time. The kids are always equal parts challenge and rewards as, depending on their age, they don’t stay still for very long. My wife and I don’t have kids of our own yet, but we are getting a lot of practice with the kids of our friends and family.




There are times they couldn’t care about the camera, then there are the kids who really don’t like the camera from one year to next year when they pose and pull a nice fake smile for you, which my wife likes to call a Chicken Run smile. See here:



The catch is that by now, I have thousands and thousands of images of friends, families and their kids, and sharing it all with them easily and privately is my current on-going project, and has interesting challenges.




Catch number two is that everyone just assumes you will be there to take the images no matter what, and the images get dished out for free.

However, the personal rewards are great. It is constantly improving my photography, not just the technical aspect, but I have learned to see light in a different and better way, and also how to deal with people and kids.




The biggest help and support in my life is my wife, of course. Even being a photographer herself, she allows me over and over to use my by now infamous words: “Could you please stand over here?” and she does it without a fuss every time again.




Fuji X100T? Or is the S just fine?

[All images following with X100s]

Simply put: yes, the S is definitely good enough. But like most, we all constantly find reasons to upgrade our gear. Here are my reasons that convinced me to upgrade nonetheless. Getting the T will not have an effect on your photos themselves. The biggest factor for me was the viewfinder. All the other new features are nice, but if your wearing glasses like myself, it’s a big upgrade. The enlargement of the viewfinder is perfect for me.




After using the X-T1 viewfinder, I found I could see ±99% of the view while wearing my glasses, but when I went back to the X-Pro1 I only saw ±85%. This affected my composition at times, as I tend to cut the feet off. The X100S was better, but not much different.


Once I got to try the X100T, I was sold just on that factor. The other small plus factors are the faster and more polished operation and speed of the camera. You will get your shot that little bit faster, as the auto-focus are definitely faster. It is a great little upgrade, but the quality of the images you get out, are the same as the X100S.




Another bonus, especially if you are living in a very sunny country, is the electronic shutter. That, combined with the ND-filter, made the camera even more versatile, as it now joins me on hikes that last into midday with the sun high and very bright.


I also love the new built-in Wi-Fi. Send the image straight to my phone, especially as you need little to no editing if you are using the filters. Easy for quickly sharing some shots while you are out with friends.




There is a lot of factors and features which are cool and are really nice to have. The X100S will probably go for better pricing now that the new model is out, and there really is nothing wrong with it.


The X100T just feels polished and refined, professional and worth the price. Where the X100S still has a bit of a point-and-shoot feel to it, mostly to do with the placement of the buttons.


About the photographer

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P.S: If you live in South Africa and need spanking family portraits done, you know who to call!

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