Xpro 1 Street Photography

After a lifetime of shooting film, I never thought I’d go high tech … but then I got an iPhone, which turned out to be my gateway camera to digital.

It led to a little Lumix, which led to a slightly bigger Fuji, the X100. I love that camera a lot, but felt like I wanted a bit more flexibility, so I ended up with the X-Pro1.



Both the Fuji cameras are great in that many of the controls are manual. I don’t want to have my face in a menu to make adjustments, and with the Fuji I can set up a shot in seconds with a few flicks and twists.




Plus the option to have both the optical and electronic viewfinder is nice. The autofocus on the X-Pro1 isn’t as efficient as the X100, but I don’t rely on it that much so it’s not a problem.




At first I used the lens that came with it, a clunky zoom; I was so happy to have the camera that I suffered through it without protesting too much. But then I got the 35mm 1.4 and everything clicked, so to speak.




The body-lens combination makes for a manageable weight and size to haul around for endless miles of sleuthing the streets. And the lens suits me perfectly. It’s so lovely, is very happy when wide open, and is obedient in my quest to capture the strange and dreamy side of the world.




The only problem I’ve ever had it with was during the historic 2016 blizzard when some of the functions went on the blink. Though I was admittedly abusive, shooting for hours in NYC’s biggest snowstorm on record … but it recovered quickly and completely all on its own.




I couldn’t be happier with this camera; I will use it until it gives up the ghost. It’s such an ally. It’s simple but a workhorse; has a high-tech heart but obliges me in taking soft moody pictures. The image quality is great, even JPEGs straight from the camera are honorable.




If I were more of a technical shooter I would likely push its functions more, but the most important part for me is how it feels in my hand and how it works with me in taking the photos I want to take.




I couldn’t ask for more in those realms. Unless of course it had a place to put film! Which I miss a lot … but then I take out my old Leicas and shoot film that never gets scanned, and I’m reminded again how much I love my Fuji.




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12 thoughts on “Xpro 1 Street Photography”

  1. Great work but I’m confused. You said the x100 was limiting but then went and bought a single lens set up anyway for the xpro1?

    1. I think XPRO 1 has more functions and maybe he doesn’t leaf shutter.

      PRO 1 does feel more like a film camera maybe?

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