Samsung Galaxy Camera scattered shots and comments


[H]ere's a few photographs taken with the Samsung Galaxy Camera….nothing groudbreaking there. Everything shot, edited and blogged from camera.



I still don't have the hang of it for Street Stuff, but it is slowly opening up. There's some extra apps that are useful like apps to calculate the hyperfocal numbers and that can tell you the distance between you and an object.

Its by far the most beautiful screen I have seen, something an iPhone would have, huge and crisp.


This camera has lots of potential coupled with Snapseed. I've installed a bunch of apps, nothing comes close. Snapseed is also opening up as I am discovering tips and tricks for it.


The 16 megapixels (or 14 if you do 3:2) give you nice files to work with but right now I am really exploring what I can do in camera. The biggest flaw of the camera is the built in software but I've found some workarounds.

There's more to explore about the Samsung Galaxy Camera but that will have to be another day, so far we get along fine.


Blogging ain't fun on the device, just like any phone but a bluetooth keyboard would make this the perfect device for the photographer blogger.


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