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Using the Asus ZenFone for Street Photography

We’ve featured doing Street Photography with camera phones before. But I have never heard of anyone using the Asus ZenFone as a street camera, intrigued I contacted Jasper who’s been shooting with it about his opinion of the camera side of things.

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Who are you?
I’m Jasper Tejano. My day job is in human resources. When I’m not wearing my HR hat, I’m out there with my wife photographing places, people and experiencing foreign and far away local culture. We go to places enjoying our deliberate “misadventures”.

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I started to get serious in photography back in 2008 and have explored many genres in photography from portraiture, still life to glamour and fashion. However, when I discovered Street Photography through celebrated Magnum photographers like Alex Webb, David Alan Harvey, Harry Gruyaert and Henri Cartier Bresson,  it has become my genre of choice and have been documenting the world through this perspective since 2012.

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How did you end up with a ZenFone?
One of our dear friends in photography happens to be a brand influencer of Asus ZenFone since 2016. Upon learning that some of my photographs during an exhibit with my wife early in 2017 were made using a mobile phone, our friend opened the idea if I could possibly work using a specific mobile phone.

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She opened the doors for me to meet the Asus PR Head and hit it off well when I shared with him how I work with a mobile phone in doing my street photography work.

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That meeting was the start of my creative collaboration with the ZenFone. I currently use the ZenFone 3 Zoom and the ZenFone 4 when I’m out there photographing life’s moments.

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What do you like about it?
*Autofocus is fast. No doubt about it, this is an essential feature needed by street photographers.

*Very inconspicuous – No one would take you seriously if you’re just using a mobile phone doing street photography. I like it that way rather than draw attention to me if I’m lugging a camera.

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*The battery stamina is superb. you can do lots of photography studies throughout the day and not worry about battery drain.

What don’t you like about it?
I’m still trying to master controlling the exposure from blowing out and becoming hot white. I guess the exposure meter sensor is really sensitive and you just need to learn how to control it. Actually its the same when using a camera.

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But when you’re doing street photography work, lighting conditions vary when you shift from one spot to another and you will constantly adjust exposure that could blow out just by moving.

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How did it help or hinder your street work?
My ZenFones have become my go to everyday carry camera, my back up. It’s so convenient to carry in my pocket. It gives me the confidence that I am carrying a very capable, “street worthy” camera.

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Do you feel like sometimes you don’t take your camera and just use that?
Very much! The Mobile phones have gone a long way and have strongly secured their place in the photography world whether purists would say otherwise. Funny, I used to be a nonbeliever of mobile photography but after witnessing its evolution (in social media) and revolution (how phone companies like Asus pour their resources in enhancing their camera modules, and seriously listening to photographers on what else can be improved).

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I felt that I was missing out on something really big … I’m so glad that I wasn’t that stubborn and snobbish on just sticking with my DSLRs and Mirrorless. Eventually, wholeheartedly I embraced Mobile photography and now committed to take it to where my photography will take me.

What’s special about it, why not use an iPhone or something?
You have to use first hand the ZenFone for you to experience what makes it a special “creativity partner” on your photography. For me the iphone photography community has long been established and recognized. I was not there when iPhone photography took off. This time I’d like to be part of an emerging community in photography where ZenFone is the creative tool of choice. Hopefully I too can make an iconic street photograph using the ZenFone.

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Battery life has always been a show stopper for me when doing mobile photography but with this camera, doing street photography is bliss. I can make lots of studies, multiple shots until I get the right image. I never worry about my mobile phone dying on me in the middle of my “creative restlessness”.

Jasper has been interviewed in a past issue of Inspired Eye magazine.
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2 thoughts on “Using the Asus ZenFone for Street Photography”

  1. Wonderful feature! Wishing we could have the same venue to share Travel Photography with the Zenfone. 😃
    Thank you for remembering me in your story Jasper. I’m happy to have been instrumental in your well-deeserved recognition by Asus Ph!

  2. @Jasper and @Arlene, thanks for your support and being with us to showcasing how a handful tool can give us different perspectives of this wonderful world(including in the Philippines)!

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