More you shoot the more you love your camera


[I]s it possible that we love our cameras depending on what great shots we got with them?

It's been a while since I got a Galaxy camera I really didn't like it at first, but for the past week or so, after shooting with it over and over again and especially after getting some great shots I'm really starting to love this camera. So it made me wonder is it possible that we actually love our cameras depending on if we get great shots with them?

If you think about it, when someone ask you about a camera and you have it, the first thing you are having in the theater of your mind is the pictures that you did with such camera.

Of course you know that you took those pictures but you cannot help to associate the picture making process with the specific camera that you took it with. So that basically means that the more you shoot the more you will love your cameras because the more you shoot them the more chances you will have great pictures that you're fond of and that in turn will create a link between you and your camera.

I know more than one photographer who hang on to their pretty much obsolete and not really needed cameras just because they have sentimental values to them. That is why I think you should not really judge a camera without really going out and shooting with it. Some people dismiss cameras from day one.

I remember when I sold my Olympus OMD….I sent the buyer his camera and he started to ask me for a refund. He was acting weird, saying that the camera was not wrapped right, that the wrapping scratched the lens (?????), etc. After a heartfelt prayer (I had already bought the replacement camera), I explained my case to Don. He use to deal with Leicas, and you can really get screwed with such high value gear….he told me to ask the guy to send me some sample pictures taken with the camera…..I never heard of him again. He judged the camera on sight, without even giving it the chance……

That creates a problem for review sites because most of these people don't take their time with the cameras that they're reviewing……just look at the sample shots. Whoever the reviewer is, there's fire up their butt to pull out the review before the other website in order to get traffic. Since I think you get emotionally attached to the camera when you start creating great work with it, most reviewers only scratch the surface of things. I think the best reviews are the ones of people who used the camera to death. I will be a while before I put out my review of the Galaxy camera, and I think it will show a perspective of someone who actually used it, not had it for a few days. Cameras open up to you or you open up to them, but it takes TIME.

I remember when the Epson RD1 came out, a website called Trusted Reviews bashed it. When the guys at Rangefinder Forum cross-examined the review, they found out that the guy admitted that he didn't understand even how to use the camera! The opposite must also be kept in check, we must allow our positive feelings for the camera to cloud our judgment, and that also happens.

I wrote this post because I am starting to realllly dig the Galaxy camera as a serious camera. But if I went with my initial feelings of disappointment (couldn't get the shots I wanted) I would not have liked it. If you just got a camera and don't like it, stick with it and try to get great stuff with it for a while before sending it back….your opinion might change!

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7 thoughts on “More you shoot the more you love your camera”

  1. Great insights. It’s easy to get caught up in the next new thing and forget that the whole point is to go out and take pictures. Technology is limiting enough without the lack of spending enough time to see if your gear can really fulfill your creative potential. I love new stuff and I struggle with mastering the craft versus mastering how to open a new box.

  2. Yea I still use the Epson, ……….. a few cameras eg, Olympus, Panasonic, Nikon have come and gone but the Epson remains along with the Leica Digital II and the Fuji X100. I still have a Sony RX00 loved it on the first shoot since then I don’t like using it

    1. The only reason I’m separating from my epson is because I have this philosophy of minimalism. If I don’t use it it has to go :/

      1. otherwise you end up hogging all the shelves in your home with camera gear you just CANT get rid of, but you SHOULD… but… you cant… lol

  3. I’ve been a serial camera switcher for over ten years, but the NEX 7 seems to have some mysterious attractive powers over me. I did buy a bunch of cameras since getting it… but the new kids got sold again, not the NEX. The 7 just stays and I want to pick it up more and more. It’s just the right tool for me, despite all the initial annoyances and frustrations I had with it, coming from the DSLR world. And you’re totally right, it’s because it keeps delivering the pictures exacly as I see them in my mind before pushing the shutter.

  4. hmm, i agree and would also add that i spend a lot of time talking about how convenient the camera is for use. i cant tell you how many people ive told that i can put my x100 in a cargo pocket as a backup camera and not even really notice it since its so flat. or the leaf shutters of the x100 and rx1. i do a lot of “why THIS camera BODY works for ME” babbling.

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