15 of my favorite Panasonic CM1 Sample images

The Panasonic CM1 is not well liked around the net, I've had it for years and I really liked it. Sure, as I said in my CM1 review, it's on the slow side and doesn't really great at handling, but for it's quirks, I've made some great Panasonic CM1 images.

That doesn't mean the ones below are my very best, just that they are my favorites when I looked in my catalog. Some of them are street photography, others portraits, etc.

Panasonic CM1 Images

Panasonic CM1 Sample image
Panasonic CM1 Street Photography
Panasonic CM1 Portrait
Panasonic CM1 Street Photography

Like these images above? They have been processed with these street photography presets. The CM1 is really a great all-around camera, especially when it comes to travel. See for yourself:

You've seen Panasonic CM1 images, what's next?

So, you've seen some images made by the little android/camera hybrid. So that's next? If you are interested in buying one, make sure to check out my CM1 review first. If you have one, or you want to make the most out of one when you get it, check out my photography course. It's a brain-dump of everything I know and will help you make the most out of your CM1, or any camera for that matter.

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