Panasonic CM1 Street Photography impressions

The Panasonic CM1 is one of the smallest one inch sensor cameras on the market. It is extremely small for that large of a sensor, and because I am into street photography, I just had to give it a try roaming the streets. Here are my impressions…

Panasonic CM1 Street Photography: Yay or Nay?

First off, let's look at a few streetshots I made with the Panasonic, and get back to the discussion:

You can see more general images in Panasonic CM1 Images. If you are wondering if that's it in terms of Street Photography, the answer is yes it is. Here's the truth: this camera is not well suited for street photography at ALL.

I've made some images I REALLY liked with the CM1, but very few street shots. Why? Simple, because the camera is simply too darn slow. And that's not really the problem either, because the Ricoh GRD IV is also slow and I still use it. It is because it is both slow AND hard to handle. As I explained in my article about camera-phones, the problem most phones (and the CM1 is more phone-handling than camera-handling) have is one of handling, and the way you handle the Panasonic in the street makes it really hard to get the shot you want.

Changing the settings with the ring is clunky and slow, so by the time you raise up your camera to shoot, try to get a grip on it, and you realize your exposure is off, there is no quick way to change settings, ruining your shot. That is why I would not recommend the CM1 for street photography. But as you saw in the images section, I have some great shots, so it's really street photography that is this camera's Achilles heels.

Panasonic CM1 Street Photography Verdict

It's a shame really, the CM1 has a 28mm (see my 28mm tips here), making it great for street photography in theory. But in practice it's a whole other ball game. I've had it for years and I gravitated against it when it comes to street photography. Also if you are into street photography, check out my street photography course and street photography presets.

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