Rio and Hong Kong with 3 Ricoh GRs

Jean Marc is lucky to have 3 nice cameras, all starting with Ricoh GR, here's some of his shots from Rio and HK made with all 3 cameras.

Hi, my name is Jean Marc Ferriere and I'm a 51 year old french cinematographer based in Brazil.
In September 2014 , I went to South Korea to attend the Busan Film Festival where the indian feature film “Sunrise” I had worked on was having its World Premiere:


By the beginning of October, I visited friends in Hong Kong and the Umbrela Movement was still going strong.  It was the perfect moment to walk thru the occupied avenues and shoot the Ricoh GR1V and the Ricoh GR cameras.  Since HK is filled with fantastic camera shops, I luckily managed to treat myself a rare and mythical Ricoh GR21 analog camera.




Along with the digi GR, back at home in Rio de Janeiro, I had been using the GR1V and its 28mm f2.8 with color and BW films for over a year and was quite excited to try the Provia 100 and the Ilford 3200 again.


The GR21 and GR1V share the same 30.5 mm filter thread (with the help of an adapter) and I use either NDs or color filters to shoot high ISO in daytime.




One can walk around all day with these 3 utterly discreet, silent , really unobstrusive cameras.  It's liberating to go along carrying within a small bag a pocketable APSC digital camera and 2 tiny film bodies which actually can deliver to notch quality material !


I had a great experience and hope you'll enjoy the photos ! Cheers!












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9 thoughts on “Rio and Hong Kong with 3 Ricoh GRs”

  1. Jean Marc – great pics takes a good eye for ” seeing the frame rest is a great sharp contrasty lens with a camera that achieved cult status.
    When I worked in the UK – half of the cinematographers I knew had GR 1 film cameras on their belts.
    Mine was stolen a while back – now wish for suggestions of where I can buy
    a GR 1 and GR 1 21 film camera from a reputable camera shop – Hong Kong or elsewhere ?
    Keep the pictures coming
    Sean Leslie
    Cape Town south Africa
    Please keep the pictures coming

  2. Cheers Chris and Leslie.
    Chris, just ordered your Observations 1 ! Very inspiring work !!
    Leslie, seems like your profile link is off. About the GR analog cameras, maybe ask Bellamy from Japan Camera Hunter.

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  4. Hi !! Your photos are amazing what type of setting have you used to get that grainy deep black and white contrast in the portrait of the Asian student kids, were those pic taken with a GR1V?

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