Ricoh GRD IV Accessories: 7 to consider

Ricoh and Third Party Companies sells accessories for the Ricoh GRD IV, they are all nice to have but one is an absolute MUST-HAVE. It's the one marked IMPORTANT. Let's dig in:


The GRD IV has a regular hotshoe so any digital compatible flash will work with it, but it will of course be heavy and you can say goodbye to the pocketability. I had a Metx 32-MZ flash on it, but I always kept a finger on it because I was afraid of it breaking the whole flash socket if there was a sudden movement.

Since the release of the GRD IV, companies have released a slew of modern, small flashes, and some would make great tiny additions to the GRD.

Fuji EX20
Olympus LM3

Make sure you need a flash however. If you just need it for Street Photography, the built-in flash is enough.



The Ricoh GRD IV has a very good battery life, but if you really want to get going, I can only recommend at least 2 extra batteries to last you the whole day. With those batteries, you don't even need a camera bag, only a pocket.

One pocket can hold a GRD and two batteries, it's simplicity at it's best.

Check for batteries on Amazon

Important: GL-1 Cap

As much as I love my Ricoh GRD, there is one problem with it. Sometimes it turns on in my pocket. It sounds like no big deal but it is. Once it turns on, the lens starts pushing and being in a pocket this can damage the lens mechanism.

This happens because the power button gets pressed accidentally in the pocket. To stop the lens from extending inadvertently you need a special cap from Ricoh. You simply remove the ring thing (always lost mine, I consider them useless) and put the cap on, it has a connection that will prevent the camera from powering on if the cap is not removed.

It provides extremely good protection for the front lens element too. A must have but it's pretty rare these days to find.

Check Amazon for Ricoh GL1


The Ricoh GRDIV is extendable with an adapter made by Ricoh (Ricoh GW-2) that transforms the 28mm into a 21mm, taking the camera to ultra wide territory.

My real gripe (and the reason I wanted a GRD II) is that the 40mm converter that was compatible with the I and II is not compatible with the III and IV. Some people suggest cropping the GRD IV file, and you can get the same image quality as the II with converter.

A word of warning. The lenses do not come with adapters. So you will have to buy an adapter first (it's just a tube that you screw on the GRD) and the you need to buy the lens. Beyond converter capabilities, the adapters allow you to screw on accessories to your Ricoh GRD, capable of transforming it into a serious little landscape photography package with ND filters and stuff.

Check Amazon for the Ricoh GW 2 (Lens)
Check Amazon for GA1 (Adapter)

Remote release


Remote release for the Ricoh GRD IV (Ricoh CA-2), allows you to take photos without touching the camera. Particularly useful for time-lapses. A $0 trick if you don't want to buy a cable release is to simply offset the shutter release by delaying it for 2 seconds, that way there is no shake. But a remote release is always nice, however, like most Ricoh GRD IV accessories it's pretty rare these days.

Check Amazon for Ricoh CA-2


If you want a viewfinder you can get one from Ricoh. They have the Ricoh GV-1 and Ricoh GV-2, one is bigger than the other. The interesting thing with them is that the LED lights that tell you if something is in focus is near the viewfinder, so that you have an indicator if you've locked on into something. Just plain good design in my book. They both are pricey for what they are, so you could always simply shoot without looking too.

Check Amazon for Ricoh GV-1 (Big one)
Check Amazon for Ricoh GV-2 (Small one)



Some cases are made to protect, others are made to beautify. There are some gorgeous half cases and other cases out there that can turn the GRD IV into a serious looker. The above Half-case is from Ciesta. There's slip cases, full cases, neoprene cases, DIY cases, etc. Mine is the way it came in, but I have to admit, the Ricoh GRD IV looks way better with some clothes on.

The accessories I believe you really need is extra batteries and the protective cap, the other ones are very nice to have, like leather cases. I makes the camera more expressive an custom, but it won't make you take better pictures unfortunately.

Check Amazon for Ricoh GRD Cases

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