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Inspired Eye is number 1 on Google for Ricoh GRD IV. There's good reason for that, I've probably written more about this wonderful little camera that most people out there. I've shot with the GRD IV for years, and have more than half a dozen GRD IV articles dedicated to this gem of a camera.

So I've decided to compile them all into a neat little ebook that you can download below. I am a graphic designer after all and I simply could not resist at the opportunity to design an ebook. I do this all the time for Inspired Eye magazine. As you can guess, not every camera I've owned have had this honor. Some cameras are simply, how do I say it, SPECIAL. And the GRD is one of them. Even when photographers nowadays have moved on to the newer GR line of Ricoh cameras, I've stuck to the old IV.

It's probably because it's a small sensor camera and I prefer it's look over the large sensor look. To each his own I guess. Anyway, click below for the PDF:

Download the Ricoh GRD IV ebook here

Please note that this has been a while, so there might be a few typos here and there.

If you are interested in the GRD IV, chances are you are also interested in Street photography. Please check out our Street Photography ebook, street course and magazine while you download the above. I love my small Ricoh, but your camera is only as good as you are, so if you want to make the most out of it, look at the resources mentioned in the previous sentence.

Tell you what. I gues a guilty pleasure having my little pocket rocket in my jeans and look at everyone else lugging around their DLSR, knowing the results it can get once you know how to use it.


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25 thoughts on “Free Ricoh GRD IV ebook”

  1. Clicking on image does not download ebook. only image of front cover. Hopefully when this is rectified I will be able to see presets button pair settings and “my settings” you have chosen on GRDiv. If these are not in the ebook can you please make them available.

    1. Darn this page is live but Google found it…..I’m working on it!!!!
      It’s a page I am working on as we speak ><
      Stay tuned coming shortly

      1. Still not not working. Would love to read your take in the grd iv… Just a plain download link would help I guess…

          1. Hi Olivier, please can you tell me where to find the Ricoh GRD IV eBook? The link you provided does not seem to work. Thanks

      1. Finally it has worked! No idea why it started working. Is there an easy way to save this book and read it on my iPad? I assumed that it would be a PDF and I could read it in Goodreader or iBooks but it appears to be a different format. It doesn’t load on my iPad 2 to even view it, only on my iMac.

          1. It downloads with a .webarchive extension on my iMac. Odd. I suspect this is why I can’t view it on my iPad either.

          2. Sent you an email with the PDF, it can be read on ipad, MAC or whatever pdf reader. I don’t know why it opens as webarchive.

  2. Dang it! I’ve used this camera for a few years and just learned how to use it reading this here E-Book.
    Dang it !

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