THIS is the worse number in street photography…

THIS is the worse number in street photography…

Here's a tip that popped in my mind when I was lying down on my “couch”

(It's in brackets because said “couch” is as soft as a rock, that's life in Vietnam for ya!)

Here it is: The worse number in street photography is 1

And a better number is 3


That's it. Very powerful stuff, no?

What? I need to do some explainin'?

Ok, you win. Here's what I mean.

The worse number is 1 because it is a recipe for boring images is 1.


How so? Well there is:

Images that are all about 1 thing (A person in the streets, a cat, a bicycle)

Images that only have 1 layer (Makes for flat images)

Images that only have 1 dimension (nothing more to the image than what you can see)


I'm not saying not to focus on one subject or anything, but if there's only 1 thing

going on in the frame…there's probably not much going on.

Better number? It's 3

It's a weird thing but street photography resolves around the number 3

How so? Well for starters for a successful image you need 3 ingredients:

The eye, heart and mind


For interesting compositions you usually need 3 layers: A foreground, mid-ground and background

One of the most powerful shapes in photography is a triangle…3 sides….

So to make wildly interesting images, have the better number in mind…3

And speaking of threes…
When you subscribe to Inspired Eye now, you get 3 things:

– The current issue
– A one hour video filled with street photography tips like the one above as we go trough the current issue (released a few weeks after current issue)
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What's that I hear? That's more than 3 things? Well color me impressed with your math skills!

So instead of 3 things you get 5 things for subscribing now šŸ™‚

Be yourself, stay focused and keep on shooting. 1, 2, wait..that's 3 again!

Panasonic CM1 Photographer Review: One device to rule them all (updated)

Panasonic CM1 Photographer Review: One device to rule them all (updated)

I've been looking atĀ the Panasonic CM1 ever since it was released. After my wife's phone broke and she wanted mine, I finaly got it. While this camera is somewhat old news, most of the reviews out there treat it like a phone with a nice camera on it, so there's no serious images made with it, no real talk about it as a camera for photographers.Ā Let's change that shall we? Here's my Panasonic CM1 review.