Michael Hood a fine art photographer based in Canberra, Australia.




I am interested in travelling with a camera to explore, capture and share the experience with others. I find one of the most rewarding experiences is finding something interesting in an unexpected place.




That is like sifting in a river to find gold. I also occasionally enjoy shooting with a flash on the streets to capture the unexpected moments that happen too quickly to plan for.




What inspired you to become a photographer?
The art movements of the early twentieth century such as surrealism, cubism and minimalism have influenced and inspired me greatly. Zen Buddhist practice and the Buddha’s teachings on reality as emptiness or illusion features in the many of my projects.




Many of the classic Magnum Photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson continue to drive my enthusiasm to create memorable, important images.




What are you trying to do with your photography?
I strive to create images that are interesting, original or stimulating. A beautiful form or aesthetically pleasing composition that is harmonious.




I also find it is interesting to see how something looks as a still, captured moment that can be examined in detail. There is a never ending search for the next shot like a surfer waits for the perfect wave.




What do you want to show?
I strive to understand this complex life in my candid street photo's and be a witness to the everyday human experience.




I also try to create images that have some kind of beauty and balance in my studio shoots where a deeper meaning is not necessarily needed, just pure form. Form is emptiness and emptiness is form!




This series of photographs are from my trip to Rome in 2015. I carried two Leica film cameras and shot the project on about 130 rolls of 35mm film.




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