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1) Please read the FAQ before contacting us. 97% of the questions have already been answered there

2) If you send unsolicited cut-and-paste cold emails, we will report you to the FTC

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  2. Dominick Mickle

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  4. Hello,

    Our clients in tech and eCommerce niches, including a popular Shopify app, are interested in publishing an article on your website.
    Do you accept guest posts or paid submissions? (If yes, please send me the price).
    I am waiting for your reply!


  5. Art Chippendale

    Hi, I just signed up for your gold subscription and tried to follow-up by purchasing your back-issues for $57. But something went wrong and I wasn’t able to complete that transaction.
    Please let me know how to add that on.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Art Chippendale

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