Diana Didulica is freelance translator and amateur photographer from Croatia.



Photography to me means having a versatile and powerful tool for endless artistic experimentation, storing memories, and documenting history.



The ability to freeze a moment – to catch a unique frame of space and time for eternity – it's the true magic of photography.



It helps us preserve and recall this uniqueness. Since I'm bad at drawing, I took up photography so that I can record and preserve what appeals to me visually without ruining the work by my lack of talent for drawing and painting.



As I've become aware of transience and fragility of material things, occasions, and life in general, I've started feeling the urge to somehow keep the nice, ephemeral things recorded and thus steal them from oblivion.



Basically, I'm trying to capture the interesting and unusual moments and scenes in our everyday life, and vice versa – the common details and scenes we often don't even seem to be aware of placed into, or taken from, a different perspective.



I'm especially fond of reflections, distortion of light, shadows and silhouettes – these phenomena can turn almost every simple scene into artistic impression or add a dramatic effect to the photo, alongside with blurring.



Be it something I stumbled upon, searched for it or arranged it myself in a new way and then captured it, photographs, even snapshots, are my collection of little personal treasures and stories I want to remember and share with others.



Very often I try to uncover the beauty of things and occurrences which are generally (and mostly unjustly) regarded as dull, unappealing, ugly, tedious, scary etc., like eg mud, insects, fog, autumn, winter, rain… and it's a challenge I enjoy the most.



The other very important aspect of photography for me is memories. They tend to fade, and photographs bring them to life and keep their colour from washing out.



As Simon and Garfunkel put it perfectly in “Bookends”: “Long ago, it must be. I have a photograph. Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you”.




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