Fuji makes some serious glass when it comes to primes. But what about their fast zooms? Here's my Fuji 16-55mm review to find out.


I believe in the kit lens. Lots of them are really good but they don't get the light of day. But let's face it, even tough you can get a lot of nice images with them, nothing can save their slowness. They usually go from 3.5 to 5.6 (With Fuji's own kit lens being very generous at 2.8-4). They are slow on the long end and you start feeling the effects when the light drops.


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Fuji released the Fuji 16-55 2.8, meaning it has a constant aperture of 2.8 at every focal length. Applying the 80/20 rule to lenses (20% of the input accounts for 80% of the output), you will probably use these focal lengths 80 to 90 % of the time, hence this is the kind of lens that can be classified “The only lens you'll need”


Fuji 16-55 review

Build Quality
Fust like it's bigger brother the Fuji 50-140mm, the Fuji 16-55mm is made of the same “stuff”. It is weather sealed but unlike it's telephoto sibling it does not have stabilization. While 2.8 is fast, the lens is on the heavy side, so stabilization would have been welcomed. But in any case this is a two handed operation lens so you can get away with 1/30th of a second.


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Focal range

Since Fuji cameras are APSC sensors, the 16-55 is an effective 24-82.5mm f/4.2 (The aperture is 2.8 but renders like a 4.2 on fullframe, see calculator) . Here's what that means visually:


On the left is 16mm, on the right is 55mm. It goes from wide angle to short telephoto, it's wide enough and zooms enough for most cases, hence a great walkaround lens.





The Bokeh from the lens is great. I like both ends of the lens at 2.8. In my opinion on the wide end, everything is subtly going out of focus, while the longer end is great for portraits. This guy there on the right…..I told him I hated his guts because he was so photogenic and he laughed…gawsh some people just look good in front of the camera!!! don't you just hate those >< ?




Image Quality

The image quality on this baby is stellar, just like most of the Fuji lenses out there. I'll leave you with some gull size sample images to make up your own mind:




Download Fuji 16-55mm full size JPG (59.6 mb)
Download Fuji 16-55mm full size RAW (RAF 167mb)




The Fuji 16-55 is in no way shape or form sold as a macro. But it's one of those lenses that focuses close enough that it's macro territory. Here's my hands for reference:


fuji-16-55-macro (1 of 5)


And here's as close as I could get:


fuji-16-55-macro (2 of 5)


That's that for an example. Now for shots that I made:


fuji-16-55-macro (3 of 5)


fuji-16-55-macro (4 of 5)


fuji-16-55-macro (5 of 5)


As you can see in the last two shots, I could get close enough to remove any hint of the background. It might not have macro in the name but it's macro enough for most folks.


Using the lens

Using this lens only has one word pop in my mind: “Versatile”. It's just good at pretty much everything you throw at it. I especially appreciated it's great capabilities for portraits:

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The lens adds some bulk to the camera, and any Fuji bofy it's on is no longer rangefinder-like but rather DSLR-like because of the weight and the bulk of lens that is in front of it. That being said, it will fit nicely in small camera bags, ready to shoot.


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I usually start ranting when it comes to large lenses but I think knowing that this lens is highly versatile made me like it despite it's size, speaking as a guy coming from small rangefinder lenses. When using my primes, I usually have 2-3 with me, but when I was using this lens, I was comfortable just having that one lens in my bag and being confident at whatever comes my way, from wide angle shots to portraits.


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It's really an excellent lens, period. All of the good Fuji prime lens mojo has been crammed into a zoom lens. It's so good in fact that it's making me question my allegiance to prime lenses, and I'm picky about my primes!



In short, if you are not into primes (or even if you are…), this is THE lens to get. It's not as portable as some other Fuji lenses like the 18mm, but it more than makes up for it in terms of image quality and speed. The close focus capabilities are the icing on the cake. This is the kind of lens that you can glue it to your camera and not use much any lens for quite some time.





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