I love mini projects! Roy Gumpel lives in Woodstock and made some images of the lively costumes he was a witness to. Here's a selection of 9.


As I meandered through the busy closed to traffic (little) main drag in town, at east a couple people commented to me that I was “dressed up as a photographer, right?” Right…. very funny.





Halloween is the perfect chance to make killer studio type fashiony portraits right out there in public. A little flash unit on a small lightstand with pocket wizards is such a magical combination, especially when you have some after sunset autumn light. For most of my shots I used the lightstand as a boompole. Only for a few did I use the lightstand as a lightstand, getting the light way off to the side and far from the camera.








Sure I could have shot there with the available light, at way high asa (high ISO), but for me, such a dramatic event inspires dramatic lighting techniques. Many of the shots were over and done before the subject even knew what was happening ( it may have taken some of them 24 hours before they realized that their soul was gone).




Luckily, I happened upon Clementine (First two shots, the girl with ram horns) near the end of my shooting, because once I started to shoot her I couldn't stop. And all I really had to do to have her pretty much all to myself was to show her a couple of the first images I made of her.




I love it when you shoot someone you never met before and they see what you are doing and they realize that they should be your best friend. Clementine and I are planning more photo shoots for the near future. Maybe I'll get to share them with you here.




About Roy

From his website: “Roy Gumpel has been a photographer for more than 40 years. He has done assignments in many different areas, including travel, corporate, environmental portraits, cd covers, studio portraiture, still life, fashion, architecture, documentary projects and film stills”

Roy will have a very nice feature in an upcoming issue of Inspired Eye. In the meantime, check out Roy's website here.