Harri Küünarpuu is a clinical psychologist who lives in Estonia and especially likes street photography.

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I am Harri Küünarpuu, living in Estonia. This is a small country in the North of Europe just below Finland if you want to spot it on the map. I am actually not a professional photographer but I might call myself a passionate amateur. I am a clinical psychologist by profession and my everyday work is at a psychiatric hospital.


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I got my first camera when I was 7. It was a simple film camera. Later I got another, a bit more advanced film camera and I continued to shoot film until 2000 something when I bought a very simple digital camera Konica Minolta DiMage Z2 to get a knack of digital. And another, and another after that.

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Now I am using a Canon 50D. Probably going over to mirrorless system, when the replacement for Sony a6000 comes around.


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I remember myself looking at the world through the viewfinder for quite a long time. I cannot actually put my finger on what is making me do it. Probably the possibility to look at the world in a slightly different way, see things that would slip away in everyday flow, bring forth some aspect in the flow of life that is worth seeing and showing to others as well.


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I especially like street photography (you would not see much of it in this selection here though). I think it is because life on streets is fast and changing rapidly: one moment you see a pattern and the next it is gone.


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And most often you cannot catch it, but sometimes you can. And street photography is always full of surprises, it can never be boring even in your own city where you have lived your life – there is always something to discover and see, just around the corner.


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The selection of photos is from Indonesia. This is not actually a project of a kind. We, me and my wife, we like to travel. Sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with a group on guided tour.


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We had wanted to go to Indonesia for a long time and considering an option to go all by ourselves. But then a tourist agency offered a ready-made product and we decided to take it.


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Indonesia is a wonderful country and it is easy to get into contact with it and its people. They are open and kind. Especially on Sulawesi, where Toraja people live.


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I really hope you like the selection of the photos presented here. If you want more, you may always visit my Flickr page at https://www.flickr.com/photos/knarpuu


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Enjoy, Harri


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