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Using the iphone 6 for street photography



As soon as he opened his christmas gift, member Vittorio Aulenti sent us his report of using the iPhone 6 for street photography.


The iPhone 6 for street photography


It’s December, 25 and it’s chilling. I’m unboxing my brand new iphone 6. Terrified enough by the “bend-gate” (The iphone bending easily) that I read of on the net, I handle it with care as it is made of crystal. I start relaxing just after putting on it its leather cover.


It’s lightweight, handy and it has a very good grip with its cover. The display is great and clear. First thing first, I get Procamera 8 from the App Store. Then I put my coat on and I’m out in the street to give it a try.






Since the first shot I get that what is in my hand it’s a real street-photography-weapon. Autofocus is fast and precise, lens is wide (f2,2), 8 megapixels, and thanks to the Procamera features it just becomes a real camera.




I set aperture priority, continuous focus and full screen trigger that allows me to shoot with tapping in any part of the display, without losing precious moments while finding any tiny button.




You can also set exposure and focus point separately. This is very useful when you have a situation with too much brightness (always remember that find details in the highlights it’s harder than doing it in in the shadows).






And here we are with some first exciting outputs: yes, people are watching you, but they feel my phone is harmless to them, and maybe they just get curious. You can get real close to them because all you have to do is take your phone out and tap the screen.



It’s useless for me to say that the hardware improvements on this phone have been great so far. You will see that pictures taken in darker situations or lowlight scenes are always a pleasure and they come out very rich in details.




I’ve tried to edit some of the pictures with VSCOcam, very attracted by the tons of filters and effects, but lately I noticed that they are too destructive for my taste.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset


Then I’ve imported the pictures on the computer and I made some edits with the good ol’ Lightroom 5. The only flaw I noticed in the camera is that when you activate the flash, everything gets a bit slower. But I guess that is normal for a phone.




Exposure control is perfect and you even have the chance to balance it out either from the camera app and Procamera 8 with the grid and the stabilization that comes in hand when you are shooting a video.



Time ago I wrote a review for my Lumia 520, that costs about 700 euros less than the iphone. Obviously we are talking about two different planets, as the cost shows out.

What else can I say? During these holidays I’ve left home my beautiful Fuji X100 that I always carry with me.


About the photographer:

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