Poul-Werner Dam live in the western part of Denmark. He has a background in graphic design and illustration. Although he's semi-retired,  still work two half days per week assisting in old job at Bang & Olufsen. His primary focus for the last 30 years has been User’s Guides/Manuals for consumer products.
He never done photography professionally.


Yellow and Blue


What inspired you to become a photographer?

At the beginning, back in 1965 and the following years, I suspect it was mostly the technical aspect of the whole process behind photography that got me interested. I developed my own film, and had my own darkroom equipment.




I read a lot of magazines and books in order to learn as much as possible (never had any formal training) and to get some inspiration. As I recall, I mostly took pictures of family and friends, etc.


Fence & Shadow


However, I never got really efficient in the darkroom …

Then I stopped completely taking picture for many years – other than the occasionally holiday snaps, etc.




In the meantime I became more and more involved in the graphic design process with illustrations (drawings) and layouts at work – all done by hand.


In 1991 I started to use a computer for this work, and there gradually learned to use the various graphic programmes for layout and illustration. At one point I had to learn a bit of Photoshop (ver. 4), and I discovered that a lot of the tools in that programme had the same name as some of the tools I remembered from my darkroom days. And that got me thinking about photography again …




Eventually, I bought my first digital camera (Nikon Coolpix 950, 2 mpix) in February 2000. And again, it was mostly the technical aspect about it, that I found interesting. And, of course, there were a lot to learn.


Pillars and Lamps


But gradually, as I became more and more ‘involved’ and learned how to process my pictures, I started to study the different genres of photography.




It was now much easier to find information via the internet – in the old days I only had our local library. I got to see work from masters whose names I remembered from the various magazines back in the seventies – and, of course, many new names too.


Skate Park


Today I feel that with the ‘technical stuff’ learned, I can focus on the more creative side of my hobby. Because that’s what it still is – a hobby.




What are you trying to do with your photography?

I don’t know if I’m trying to do anything with my photography – other than to stimulate my curiosity of the world around me.
I still process my own pictures both for the internet and also do my own printing.


On the Roof - at Godsbanen (3)


I’ve been a member of the local photo club for about five years – but not any more. So my ‘outlet’ is my Flickr account ( http://bit.ly/PWD_Flickr ) and Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/PoulWernerDam ), and recently Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/pwhdam/ ).




What do you want to show?

I have an on-going project titled “My Urban Geometry” – and the pictures I show here are all from that project. The inspiration for that project came from an article in a photo magazine.
I often take pictures of various patterns, geometric forms, etc. with no special purpose in mind. I think some of my background in graphic design is showing here.


Bridge Office


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