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Submit your shots for the March 2021 issue [closed]

Time FLIES right? It’s almost next month so it’s open for reader images!!!!

Please read before posting:

Simply hit the reply button (at the bottom) of this post and attach your image, one image per comment. You can resubmit past images. One image will also be featured as an image for reader’s gallery call, like you see above. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. 600px on the widest end
  2. 3 images per person (so 3 replies)
  3. Leave your Full Name
  4. Leave one link
  5. Leave a comment on how you got the shot or what it means to you
  6. Image can be in BW or color

The reader’s gallery is about YOUR photography, what you do, so show what you do 🙂

Getting errors?: There’s 3 main reasons:

– The file is too big (Make sure it’s 600px, 72 ppi)

– The image name has non accepted symbols (like – * (), etc), keep it numbers & letters

– You are overloading the text area with links and being flagged, please keep it to one

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14 thoughts on “Submit your shots for the March 2021 issue [closed]”

  1. “Ruined Day”
    Taken on a visit to the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pa
    Took photos this day Documenting visitors there
    In this one a father reprimands his daughter for Touching the table the art is on

  2. Pre-pandemic San Francisco was full of random and unexpected human encounters. The woman crossing the street was fairly unfazed by the gyrations of the dancer lost in her own world.

    Instagram: @hill_michaels

  3. Everyone must look their best as these two gentlemen prepare to go into Old St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco for a Saturday morning wedding. There will be no tripping during the procession.

    Instagram: @hill_michaels

  4. Quiet contemplation outside of the Temple of the Jade Mountain (Đền Ngọc Sơn) in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    Instagram: @hill_michaels

  5. I was walking past Milwaukee’s downtown library when I spotted this Bruce Springsteen lookalike vagabond street musician on the front steps. Shot with a Canon 5D Mark III and a 135mm lens

  6. I was passing by this guy sitting on the bench and he moved his arm on the bench back and I saw the pigeon on the column and it was as if the guy was feeding or calling the pigeon. I went a bit low and took the shot.

  7. As I was wandering around, being a hunter to get that decisive moment for a Street Photography shot, I saw the three old people sitting on the bench looking at the sea. At a glance, I saw the lamp posts which I thought would add to the scene. I took the shot and I saw this immigrant coming from my left eye corner and immediately decided to get her in the same composition and scene that I just shot.

  8. I decided to go to Marsaxlokk a fisherman village to do some Street Photography. I knew about this scene so I went to have a look. When I arrived I saw these two village guys talking one on the bench and one on a chair and I loved the body language and the characters which they added to the scene. Captured.

  9. Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica.
    I was shooting the decayed building when I heard a Harley Davidson coming in on my left. Waited to press the shutter it entered in the frame.
    Fujifilm X100V. Classic Neg SOOC.

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