It's been a crazy, busy day for Sony. They released the Alpha 7, 7r and RX10 cameras. What do you think about them? Here's a few comments I have myself, jump in to join the conversation.


1) The RX10 looks like anything but an RX100, it looks like a DSLR more than anything. It's the most amazing camera of the bunch in my opinion. 24 to 200mm at 2.8 throughout the whole range? That's AMAZING! The RX10 will cost $1299, compare that to the $2000+ Canon 70-200. The Sony RX10 can go way wider, but it's not of course full frame, it's a 1 inch sensor. But for Bokeh lovers….this will be the camera to get. I think this is the kind of camera that can be labeled “The only camera you need”. Big enough sensor, amazing Zeiss lens.


2) The NEX is officially dead, everything will fall under the Alpha name. I have a big issue with the viewfinder. DSLR need a large hump on the top of the camera because there's a mirror and prism mechanism up there, the biggest advantage of the mirrorless cameras is that they are mirror-less. They don't need a mirror to be able to see the image, hence they don't need a hump on the top of the camera.

So I find the SLR looks of the A7 and A7r questionable. Why go to the hump when you don't need to in the first place?Β That's how the NEX7 and NEX6 were set up, no hump. At least it looks like it has one, absolutely killer grip.

3) Yeah, the Zeiss lenses are expensive, but you can always get Voitlander FF lenses. They are AMAZING lenses.

4) Prices of legacy FF lenses will go up. I expect Contax G lenses, Voitlander Lenses and other popular ones to be much more expensive once the A7 is released


5) There's going to be lots of NEX 7, NEX6, Fuji XPRO and other cameras on the market. Now is your chance to nab some great, great gear at cheap prices.

6) Sony is hitting multiple markets here: It's helping DSLR users to jump on the mirrorless train (from Nikon & Canon) and it's helping mirrorless users to upgrade to something larger. Judging from the success of the RX1, these cameras will sell.



7)Β Many brand this as a Leica Killer but I highly doubt it. Sure, some who wanted a Leica will get this instead, but I still believe that what Sony is targeting is not their market.

These are my opinions on the releases, what do you think?


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