Chris Leskovsek wrote a nice Ricoh GR user review with great images. He's now released a Photo Zine “Øbservations N01”, here's an interesting discussion about the project.


Chris, what is your Zine about?

This are little essays about society, the city, urban life and landscapes. I am trying to make the viewer ‘read between the lines'.


What made you decide to create your own Photo Zine?

Øbservations is a personal project I started for two reasons. One was to help me edit my own work, and help me guide my work where I want to take it. Specifically with my street photography, in which I'm trying to document reality as it is, but also ‘using' everyday life to convey my personal message about the city, life, society, human behavior, etc. The second reason is that for me, coming with an art and graphic background, it makes sense to me to have my work printed. I strongly believe in the mojo of ‘is not a photo until is printed'.

I believe that nowadays with social media, great photos are ditched after a ‘like' button and no one remembers it afterwards, while having a printed version is a different thing and experience, there's no distractions between the photo and the viewer, and you cannot ‘like' it, but stare at it and understand it or flip the page.




Were you inspired by anything in particular?

Yes, Øbservations sometimes is not just about a beautiful composition, and great light, but little details I see throughout the city. Sometimes a photo doesn't work as a single image, but it does when paired together in this project. I live in Auckland, a city known for its tourism, ‘friendly' people, etc. Yet, like many other cities, I feel theres a lot more to it, and sometimes not necessarily a good side of it. What inspires me, is that even though I've been living here for years, I don't feel at ‘home', and for some reason I still feel I can see things from the ‘outside' as a long time tourist if you will.




Is it part of a larger project?

‘Øbservations' is just a place I found for all those images that didn't worked alone but they did as a group, they are little essays I have to say about different places, cities, people, or society in general. So it's only the first Zine, there will be more.




Did you shoot with the intention of creating a Zine? Or did you realize
afterwards that you had a series?

I always shoot with bunch of ideas in mind, yet no specific projects. But when it comes to editing, it's is where all this ideas come to life. I always wanted to have my work printed, and books have always been my pleasure, I just love designing them, and flipping through them. It feels to me that every time I do a magazine or a book, my work is ‘done'. The idea to create a Photo Zine, was a decision based on cost more than anything.

I was thinking of the best way and the cheapest way of printing my work yet keeping as much quality as possible to share it with friends and others. I would love to do the printing on my own in the future, so that I can assemble them personally and add some extra personal touches to it. For now I am using ‘on demand printing'. But I will get there…hopefully!




How did you sequence your images?

Each issue will be simply identified by a number 1,2,3…etc The reason to that, is that even though each issue has a message, or a statement I want to ‘say' about certain topics, situations, etc they don't have any titles, or captions as I want to leave it open for the viewer to get their own interpretation and find their own meaning. Sometimes images can be literal, sometimes you need to read between the lines.

So I try to sequence all the images to create a journey with a start and a finish. Also, after working on editing and selecting the images which is the hardest part of a project like this, I share it with some fellow photographers which work I respect and admire, to get their honest feedback about it. It was a great process, as the final version of the magazine was quite different from with what I started.




Where can readers get their hands on your Photo Zine?

Easy! Theres' a free version and a paid physical version. The free version is a downloadable PDF that is exactly like the physical version and you can get it once you tweet about it (Called pay-by-tweet). Obviously this magazine is made with print in mind, so I strongly encourage people to get the physical version, plus I'm trying really hard to make it accessible to everyone. Theres a ‘catch' though, after a new issue is released the previous one will stop printing and you wont be able to get it again. You can get it here.


[highlight]About Chris[/highlight]

Chris Leskovsek is a Chilean photographer, art director and graphic designer. Please check out his website.


Thank you Chris for sharing your Photo Zine with us. There's more Zine features coming up, also please have a look at our good friend Japan Camera Hunter's Zine reviews. Do you agree that images are better printed? Did Chris inspire you to make a Zine? Please share your opinion in the comments and get his great Zine 🙂