Photography is about life

For the longest time I believed that photography was about pretty pictures. The sole purpose of photography was to be graphic in nature and arresting. But as I matured I found out that photography was simpler than that: it was about life.

Embracing photography & embracing life
Painters can dream out things, they can off a tangent. The can paint mermaids, abstract worlds and anything in between. Photography in the other hand allows you to dream, but at the same time stay grounded on earth. By pressing the shutter release you acknowledge what's in front of the lens, you acknowledge life itself. Embracing photography then is embracing life itself.

For me life is not concrete, it feels unreal. It only feels real when a photograph is made. Now before you call the men in white on me, I said ‘feel'. I know everything I see is real but I just can't help it to feel unreal. Photography helps me get closer to reality. Sometimes I feel like I'm part of a movie I'm a part of and I need to make photos to wake up.

If photography is about life, it also transfers it to you. Doesn't even have to be a super amazing photo mind you, just making random pictures has the effect. Photography is a sort of mediator between what's in front of the lens and what's inside you. Making photos transfers the life in front of the camera and puts it inside you.




Life in it's basic form is the passing of time, time is like sand in your hands, it slips, you can't keep it. Until you make a picture. The camera allows you to pick a carefully chosen grain of sand and put it in your pocket. You can't control the flow of life, but it's as if the camera allows you to own slices of time if you are skilled enough to capture it.

Photography in a sense allows you to “own” a slice of ย life through making a photograph. And that, my friends, is why I am a photographer: I want to live and embrace life.



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7 thoughts on “Photography is about life”

  1. Thanks for the fine post about photography as life. We (I should say “I”) lose sight of that sometimes in the desire to create art. Photograph life and the art may follow. You might enjoy my recent post on the same theme:

    BTW I like the new blog design. Photos overlay long titles, at least on my iPad. And I think I would prefer mixed case titles. But it
    looks very good.


    1. You have the same name as my long time friend John ๐Ÿ™‚
      I like the blog very much and indeed same line of thought.
      Glad you like the new design, I was thinking about readability and the
      all caps letters, we’ll see ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. “Life is like sand in ones hands, slips through, you can’t keep it until you make a photograph” Brother that spoke to me. I will treasure those thoughts.

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