Dedication and craft

picture of flies overhead


[N]othing in this world was made without passion, without dedication. History is filled with great men who dedicated themselves to a craft, like DaVinci that painstainkingly drew, drew, drew, drew the human form until he got the hang of it. Dedication is the sword that divides those who want to be and those who will be in any given field.


Look at the top image, what is it? Angels? Fairies? It's the sky alright but what are these lovely little things?


I will tell you, they are huge mosquitoes. I flashed them up, they were swarming over my head when I was doing a long exposure for the bottom image. Yeah they stayed with me for at least 15 minutes in order to get three shots. The following is the keeper. I was dedicated to get this particular image and mosquitoes were not going to deter me.


a boat motor left at sea


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