When you feel you are going nowhere

Lately I feel like a Hamster stuck in a wheel. Going nowhere, no destination. If you want something, you need a plan, I know that, but it's like I can't help just basking in the loop. I don't know about you, but if I don't improve myself one inch, if I don't do something worthwhile everyday, it doesn't sit well with me. Things have been put on fast forward for me, I wake up and it's already time to go back to sleep, I can't even remember what the day was about.

It's very depressing actually. You know you should stop to sharpen your saw, but a part of you wants to stay where you are, in the mud. I feel like I'm going nowhere with everything. And logically, that makes me tired of everything. But these are only feelings. I hate feeling like that but what can I do? I am not in control of these impulses, but I sure am in control of my response to these feelings.

I think life is like Homer's Odyssey. You got a starting point, an end point and hurdles in the middle. When those feelings of going nowhere get me down, I see them for what they are: hurdles. Hurdles designed to bring the most out of you to see if you REALLY want to go to wherever you set out to go. I don't take feelings personally, I just acknowledge their presence and just move on.

There's so much going on right now that even if I feel like I have no destination, my life is in a loop……I press on. I move on. I make pictures. Doesn't have to be the best there is in the world, I just make sure I like what I make. If I can't have the photographs I want right now, I make the best photographs that I can right now. My best photographs are yet to come, so I press on the boring days with my camera….and I do the same for my life…..Be yourself, stay focused and keep on shooting.



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