Keeping Your Vision Alive

Twas many years ago, well maybe just a few and I was on familiar territory with my camera. I suddenly felt I was lost but didn't know where I was or where i was lost at. I could hear the whispering sound of a photo crying out….. shooter, over here, shooter, over here stupid. I started to think immediately, when a photo calls out to you and calls you stupid, ya gotta wonder why. I mean I'm out on the Streets with no name and I feel lost, kinda mindless and heartless and worst of all, eyeless. I said to meself, self, we gotta call up the lifeline of lost vision. OMG, I thought, the lifeline of lost vision, really, the lifeline of vision lost, we really gonna do that?

There are times in our life that all seems lost and we have no way to know or save ourselves. This was one of those times for me. It ain't a pretty picture. Just think about being on the street and you're out there to find the missing photos of your life and bring them home and then, oh yeah, ya's know what's coming don't ya's, then in a flash of 1/250 sec, all direction and thoughts that you believe in and live poof. There ain't no photo anywhere's. There's just an empty frame and worse, much worse, there a hole in your heart and in your mind. Even the eye doesn't know how to save things.

I pulled out my magic cell phone and called Mother Light. Mom answered the call and asked why I was bothering her when she was making a RainBow. In a humble manner,I explained that I was lost at see. Then after a deep breath of light Mother Light said, use the force shooter, use the force. She told me it worked for Luke and will for me also. She smiled and went back o making the rainbow. I had a revelation tho. I thought, what if I had a Life Line for times I am lost at see. Then I smiled at meself and said, it's so crazy that it might just work.

So I headed home kinda disillusioned but with a sense of new found something. See, that something can and will always plague us. Oh yeah, it does. Something is always around to make things off balance. I sat back on a chair. I just closed me poor eyes and let my mind rest. Then after a long long time like 3 minutes, I had a vision. It was a vision of me making photos on the street and I was focused, not just focused my friends, oh ne… no not just focused…. I had the lightsaber of vision and felt I was swimming again in the lost see of vision. Eureka, I think I know what to do……….

I knew I was on the path of self discovery of my vision and I could see Mother Light grace me with her warmth and kindness. I looked around and felt I was on my way but, I mean, there's no simplicity in life and certainly not in photography. Father time send me a Private Message and said, You need to have a persistence of vision. I said to him, dude. how am I gonna have a persistence of vision when I am lost at see? Besides, your always running away and and I need stability. Then I looked at the photos of shoots past and I saw a glimmer of light. I knew it was Mother Light sending me a signal because she loves photography out of all the arts. I guess because we love her and respect her. She loves me because i live her and believe in her.

All the sudden it all seems so clear to me. I felt at one with myself and the streets. More importantly, I felt my selves were connecting. The photos of shooter past, shooter present and shooter future were all having a reawakening party. I wasn't out of the woods but I saw a way to make a connection. So I started to design a method of swimming in the see of lost vision.

that method is to…..wait, wait…. I gotta go gotta get out of this place….. I'll continue shortly. You don't want to miss these post because here, and only here well…. dunno, ain't got that far yet…..

…….end transmission, shooter out …..

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