Losing touch: How to respark creativity

I think all photographers are afraid of losing it. Loosing what? Call it Muse, Mojo, Aura….Loosing the magic mix that inspires you to create great photography. While I cannot speak for completely loosing it, sometimes, like right now, I completely loose touch with everything I am doing.

Of course, there's a reason for that: I'm tired. You know, you will die from lack of sleep faster than you can die from lack of food. When your body wants food and you don't give it to it, only one thing comes to mind: food. When your body wants sleep and you don't or in my case can't give it some sleep, there's only one thing in your mind: sleep.

Creativity flows with a good night of sleep and inversely creativity is hindered with a lack of sleep. Heck, I'm not even inspired as usual to write this! But at the same time, I don't care, I press on. I might not be able to go out but I can edit my past work, or work on a project I want to start. One thing I've learned it's that things go both ways: Creativity fuels effort, but effort also fuels creativity. Creativity begets creativity in another words.


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Right before writing this essay, I didn't want to write at all, I just wanted to give it up. But right after writing the first 3 paragraphs, I became inspired again. This is the secret of many writers and artists, they don't let their mood and or feeling get in their way. They just go at it by getting their hands to the paste, the creativity comes after.

If you don't FEEL creative, BE creative. For whatever reason when you are doing creative enterprise, you corner your brain to release it's super-endorphino-magico-chemicals and voila, creativity comes back. If you don't feel like going out to create some nice photographs, just go out and start. Starting is the hardest part because when you are down or out of touch, you become a drama queen and make it seem like “starting” would be the end of the world.


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I can't go out, got a Magazine to put out shortly and 2 kids to take care of, but just by starting to edit my photos in Lightroom, the juices start flowing. So if you are feeling out of sync with your photography lately, just start and press on,  super-endorphino-magico-chemical that make you creative are right around the corner. Be yourself, stay focused and keep on shooting.


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  1. Olivier, just hang in there. I know as a sleep deprived, now father of two, you mustn’t be thinking to straight at the moment, so my only comment will be encouragements. Everything will settle down eventually, just keep going, and try to grab that all important nap here and there !

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