The thieves of time

When I was younger, all I wanted was to be older. When I got older all I want is to be a kid again. When I was 10, I wanted to 18, when I was 18, I wanted to be 21, so on and so forth. I remember a time when life was centered around 2 earth shattering events: my birthday and Christmas. I remember a year used to be like eons, now years are passing like days.

I tend to live in the past and in the present, I find it hard to appreciate the present. The quest to make some Vision of life come true will do that to you. But I found out that there is something that has the capability to slow down time whether you want it or not, and that is suffering.

Yep. When you suffer, it's the biggest slap in your face and it forces you to live in the present, because all you can focus on is the present problem. If you, like me, have trouble appreciating the present does it mean only suffering can bring us back to the present?

Thank God, no. That's why there is cameras. The camera allows you to steal from time and enjoy it. It allows you to focus on the present because the images are not in the past, not in the future, only in the present.

Photography means many things to me, it's a way of self expression, but it also allows me to have a better appreciation of time.

Our minds compensates for the subtle passing of time, we don't notice ourselves growing up after all. But photography can remind one that time goes by quickly, just look at your portrait of 5 years ago. Time is like grains of sand passing through our hands and we have the opportunity to select the few grains of sands that we wish to keep. It gives us the necessary step back to appreciate the present. Part of why we can't appreciate the present, I think, it's because we live it. Photography allows us to freeze that life, and hand it back to us to better examine it. We are the spectators of our own lives, but photography allows us to also be an observer.

We can't control time, but we can steal from it, as a sort of insurance against it, in case it decides to separates us from our loved ones. The weird part is, it's as if when a photograph is made, it automatically exists in another reality. Take a Polaroid, make an image with it, then burn it…'s as if the image still lives on even tough it's destroyed.

Photographers are makers of art, but also thieves of time. I hope to be a great thief of time, against this great force which I am powerless against. They say I can't control where life will take me, all I know is, I'll be following it with a camera in hand. Be yourself, stay focused an keep on shooting.


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