10 Fun and unique photography gift items you can buy

lens plushy

[I]t's almost Christmas and you sill do not have anything the photographer in your life? Well here are 10 very fun and quirky items you can buy 🙂

Lens Plushy


Your camera probably follows you everywhere, so why not sleep with your lens to keep you warm and comfy? These Lens Plushies are part of Plushtography. They have a Canon zoom version and the 50mm Canon prime and the 35mm 1.8 for Nikon lovers. Price: $45-170

Olympus Pen miniature keychains

Olympus pen miniature

The Olympus pens Pens and the OMD are selling like hotcakes, these scaled miniatures have *cough* interchangeable lenses and even has the OMD! I do not know if this is the straight story but what I could piece together is this: Olympus was promoting it's brand through keychains in magazines (When such goodies around here?). I do not know the original manufacturer of these promotional items but Takara Tommy has a license to produce them. So the promotional item became an item itself to buy. There are 6 cameras in total made by Takara Tommy. You can get them on ebay or singles at MIC Gadget. Price: 30$ for full set

There are also non official “Pen-like” Keychains with flash that is also sold here (Unknown to me)

Here is one of the unofficial ones:

olympus pen keychain

Lens bracelet

lens bracelet

Lens bracelet was made by a fellow photographer, Adam Elmakias. He actually built a whole brand around the concept and even COPYRIGHTHED the name. I wonder how he pulled that off but it's genius for SEO. This guy really going at it with many designs featuring many focal lengths. Tt's a better way to wear those popular plastic bands, it says photographer and is sure to be a conversation starter. Get it at the official store. Price: $15

Real Lens bracelet

real lens bracelet

If plastic is not your thing, there are REAL lens bracelets, as in a real lens barrel opened up and converted into a bracelet. One company who did those really professionally (above) is now closed (Oye Modern). They use to run in the three figures but you will find some at way lower prices on Etsy. Some Etsyers are better than others so you will have to look for yourself, you can also ask for some custom lens for a fee. Search Etsy Price: $20+

I personally have one of those, it never left me for about 2-3 years. It's one of my most personal items. Here's mine:

lens bracelet 3

I'm always impressed on how the markings never went away.


photographer necklace

Photographer necklaces are really an odd bunch, some are predictable (a camera) but others are very unique like the ones made out of lightmeter parts. Check on Etsy for them, but most are for women. Price: $15+

Lens mug


This is the same story as the mini Olympus keychains. If my memory serves right Canon came out with a 200mm lens mug as a promotional item and the photographic world was salivating so much that a market was created. Now Nikon and Canon fans can duke it out with a cup of Joe. I had a knock off Nikon that now serves as my pen holder because coffee spilled inside the plastic part :(. A must have. Get it at Thinkgeek or Photojojo. Price: $25+

Chobi Cam one

chobi cam one

Move away Pentax Q! Chobi cam is an ultra small digital camera that has magnetic add-on lenses. Fun and quirky good for those hipster style pics. They still managed to get video and 8mpx crammed into that thing. Get it at Audiocubes. Price: $159.99

USB camera & Film

usb film rolls usb camera

Who said film rolls only have 24 or 36 exposures? You can store hundreds with these film cans! These are fun 4GB usb drives for the digital photographer (or film photographer that is afraid to come out of the closet) that are sure to please. Get me some tri-x! Get them at Photojojo: Film / Camera. Price: $20

iPhone Rangefinder

iphone rangefinder

If there is something good with the iphone not being sold in thousands of flavors it's the accessories. I so wish to have this for my android but that will never happen. Anyway turn your iphone into a rangefinder look alike with shutter button! It's got a fun look and is sure to be different than everybody's iphone. The fake front lens is actually a mirror that's useful for selfies. I see a 365days project brewing… Price: $55 at Photojojo

Camera lens timer

camera lens kitchen timer

Lens mugs were so obvious you wonder why they didn't think of it sooner. But this is very interesting, a kitchen timer based on a lens design. It doesn't use batteries but has an insane cool factor. Price: $14 at Photojojo

That's all folks. Next time we are going to look at deeper gifts for the photographer

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