Android as a photographer’s laptop replacement part 2: backing up

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[T]his is part 2 of android as a laptop replacement, it is about backing up



Be paranoid, back up! Backup is a very important part of the photographer's workflow, here is the steps I would use if I were away with only my android device.




Backup basics

As a general rule, you need 2 backups. Hard drives will fail, backing up your images on a hard drive is putting them all in a basket that you know will eventually snap. If I am in the streets and my card is almost filled up, I back it up in a small Memorykick and flip the card in my memory card case. I then put the device and memory cards in two different locations (if one gets lost / stolen / burned by an asteroid) either in my bad or in the other pocket. So I have 2 backups on the streets, when I get back to wherever I'm staying I backup to two drives using my android device.




Backup to drive

Before backing up, I go in my SD card and view my stellar shots. There are some shots that make the whole trip worth it, these are your stellar shots, I simply look at the file name and write them down somewhere. For everything I use Solid explorer, nothing comes close to it, it is sleek, powerful, can do FTP and Dropbox. Since I use an Asus transformer type device, I simply slide in my SD card, insert my USB HDD and fire up Solid Explorer. I simply select the contents of my SD card and copy to my hard drive.


android photographer laptop backing up 1


I then do the same thing on my second drive which is a portable RAID drive that mirrors everything on two 500 GB drives.


photographer backing up a portable raid drive on an android laptop


The last drive is important because it safeguard against one hard drive failing. Please note that the portable raid drive needs 2 USB ports, one for data and one for power, if you only have one USB, you will need to use the AC adapter that is provided with it. I then put these babies back in two different location (in case one gets stolen, or broken, or a fairy borrows it). But I am not done yet.




If I have internet access

If I have internet access, I get my hard drive and select the stellar shots and drop them in my dropbox. It is easy with the two panels of Solid Explorer. One panel has my drive, the other dropbox and I simply drag and drop.


backing up photos with solid explorer


All photographs are not created equal, and only save the ones I selected as killer.




If I do not have internet access

If I do not have internet access, I simply save the stellar shots in the phone memory. BUT phones are hot ticket items to be stolen, so what I do is put the stellar shots on a tiny micro SD USB reader (with a micro SD in it!) and put it in my batbelt.




If I im staying a while

If I was staying a while, let say a duration of months in the same place, I would back up to ftp with Solid Explorer. To do this, it is the same thing as dropbox but instead I would select FTP and transfer the files overnight.




Wrapping up

For backing up, android is a breeze. The Asus transformers have two USB ports and an SD card reader making backing up as simple as a drag and drop. And because Solid Explorer has Dropbox integration, backing up to online is also easy, just like FTP. Next time we will look at image editing / presenting software




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