Stampsy Review: A must have photography app for anyone into photography

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[I]n the Social world, Flickr is there to share pictures, Youtube is there to share videos. In comes along “Stampsy”, an app that allows you to create and share beautifully laid out photo-essays. Here's a review of this great free iPad app.

[highlight]Presentation is everything[/highlight]

If there is one thing I have learned in my years as a Graphic Designer and Photographer, it's that Presentation is everything. Joshua Bell,  a renown Violonist played in a Subway Station and no one paid any attention to him, he was missing his presentation of the concert Hall. Likewise presentation can either add or remove from the power of a photograph, Stampsy is there to do the first.


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If I could sum up Stampsy, I would say it's about “Creating and Sharing beautiful photo presentations”. Stampsy, in a matter of minutes allow you to create gorgeous presentations with a mix of color, typography and photography, all within 10 slides.


[highlight]Interface & Usage[/highlight]


Do you want to know the limut test of app design? It's simple: How easy is it to figure out an App without reading the manual. Stampsy is easy to get into, I got the hang of it in 3 minutes, that's how well designed it is. When firing up the app you have the choice to connect with your Google account, Twitter or Facebook. After that you are treated to the main interface which allows you to discover, create and publish Stampsies. The interface for creating Stampsies is easy to use:


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You can pictures, text and background to slides on the right. On the left you choose your color scheme, and your font. Your images and text appear in the middle.

The most impressive thing to me is the Typography capabilities of the app, not only they offer you very nice fonts, they even give you preset colors to choose from:


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Now these color schemes (one for the background color, the other for the text) is a pretty much sure fire way to have stylish text with no design knowledge. It's impressive and you can have beautiful typography in minutes. You can place your text anywhere and vary the text size and alignment. You fill up your page with the text, background, image, do this for each 10 slides and you are done.


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Since the iPad is a pain to get pictures in (you have to plug it in….) I am glad to report that Stampsy also uses Dropbox to get the pictures you want, besides the images that are on the iPad. I dropped the collection of images I wanted on Dropbox and a few minutes later, I was adding them to Stampsy. This saves you lots of hassle.

Stampsy Review website


Once you are done you can publish your Stampsies and Share them. On their website hey have featured Stampsies and Categories to choose from like Photography & Design.



The Potential of Stampsy is limitless. If you are the poetic kind you can mix words and images, or words only. If you just traveled, you can create a mini photo essay of each place you visit. If you are a Pro, a mini-folio. I just did a quick Stampsy for my Haiti project and the result is pretty impressive. You can get a link and share your Stampsy on your social media channels after you've published them.



Stampsy for iPad is free, is easy to use and does an amazing job at designing simple photo-essays. When I looked at the Stampsies of certain photographers, I was impressed at their Typography skills, but as it turns out it's an easy feat with Stampsy,I highly recommend it. Go get Stampsy for iPad and start making stamps.




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