Brand control and stock photography

What to do when your photography does not fit your brand


[A]s a graphic designer with emphasis on branding, I always recommend that photographers stick to one category of photography, or make a unique mix of two, in order to be better known as that kind of photographer. Because in business this saying is very true: “If you hunt both rabbits at the same time, you will end up loosing them both”.


Either you focus on one category of photography, or you merge two of them, maybe like fashion and street, or maternity and fashion, or wedding and landscapes, etc, etc. I will explain my mix (Fine art Wedding+Travel documentary) in another post, but needless to say one must focus on their category of photography to be instantly recognizable and be well known as a specific kind of photographer.


Some successful do it all photographers do some amazing work, but I think the problem lies in the perception of the client, too many styles and subject matter tend to confuse them. But lets face it, as photographers we are always trying out things either for fun or to learn, and we always end up with some images that can be described as out of our style, what to do with them?


Take for example this barely touched photograph of my lovely bride:


A beautiful black woman looking at the camera under a dark veil


This was taken in my OMG STROBEZ!!! period, I believe this would go into the fashion category…


But the question is, do I want to be known for fashion photography? Nopes.

Do I want to be known to use speedlights and ABs? Nopes.


So instead of letting this rot in Lightroom Limbo, I decided to put this baby and all other shots that are absolutely not my style of photography into stock photography agencies. I mean, why let the shots go to waste? Most probably somebody probably needs a shot like that! Or maybe they need a shot of a smiling baby?

I love stock because you simply try to get the most images as possible and the clients who are searching for something do the rest. And the fun par is, you never know, maybe one day you go down to get some diapers and behold! Your baby's picture is on the diaper box! (I Wish 🙂 )


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