Inspired Eye Issue 24


Inspired Eye Photography mag exists to showcase the work of the photography community, to learn, to teach, to inspire and to be inspired from it.


Beautifully laid out in 256 pages, is the 24th issue of Inspired Eye, containing an eclectic mix of photography from all over the world. Jean Michel Voge offers us an unparalleled view of the Surmas, Richard Friend out of curiosity ended up photographing kids training in Muay Thai. Lucas Auffret spent two months of adventure in an Indian reserve, Robert Rutoed searches for the Punctum of everyday life.

Sarah Lawrie & Paul McFarland offers us a deep, rich BW view of the world, while Tammy Ruggles teaches us that one can be victorious even when faced with sickness. Plus more interviews and features in 129 spreads.


Note: This issue contains tribal nudity


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