Inspired Eye Issue 27


Inspired Eye Photography mag exists to showcase the work of the photography community, to learn, to teach, to inspire and to be inspired from it.


A few highlights in this awesome 27th issue:


✅ Stretch your horizon with PROVOKE style with images from Shinjuku

✅ Take a road trip back in time during Americas of the 1970’s

✅ Be exposed to dramatic silhouette games in the Philippines

✅ Be inspired by a Pizza boy’s photography dreams and images

✅ How a photographer made the most out of a serious injury

✅ How a retired defense lawyer turned his photography around

✅ Learn how to get the cinematic look

✅ Bonus cinematic presets included!

✅ & more in 232 beautifully laid out spreads


PG13 note: Contains nudity in one image. Shot of a man walking past posters of nude women in Japan.


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