Inspired Eye Issue 30


Inspired Eye is a photography magazine that exists to showcase the work of interesting people within the photography community, whether you’ve heard of them or not. You will learn and be inspired in ways you didn’t expect.


In the thirtieth awesome issue of Inspired Eye, you’ll encounter a wide spectrum of stories, people, and challenges, along with incredible discussion points, set to a remarkable visual backdrop:


✅An award-winning Thai photographer who believes in the lucky side of street photography.
✅The musings of a traveling photographer with a restless mind.
✅A child care provider who started her photography career in her mid-50’s.


✅A Zagreb photographer whose photography is self-healing.
✅A well-traveled French photographer’s journey around the world that he calls beautiful in all its forms.
✅A Norwegian “mid-summer rooster” who is shaped by the long Nordic winters.


✅A photographic showcase of a version of China beyond the stereotypes.
✅A photographer with a background in cinema who believes that photography has lost its magic.
✅A German art director who owns but one lens.


✅ & more in 249 beautifully laid out spreads



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