Inspired Eye Issue 31


Inspired Eye is a photography magazine that exists to showcase the work of interesting people within the photography community, whether you’ve heard of them or not. You will learn and be inspired in ways you didn’t expect.


Here’s a few highlights of this 31st issue:


✅ A photographer in Hamburg who wants to eliminate false idols from photography.

✅ A Greek-Cypriot whose “day job” is as a crime scene examiner and photographer for the Cyprus Police.

✅ A highly-published photographer who gave up an office job at 31 to take pictures on a full-time, freelance basis.


✅ A photographer in London who’s only been at it for two years, but whose life is already changing through his camera.

✅ A doctor who used photography during times in his life when he couldn’t be with his first love – painting.

✅ How the proliferation of digital pictures has made true photographers underrated in the world today.


✅ A Lithuanian photographer who believes that when you don’t know what to do, just do something different.

✅ An incredibly raw and stark look at a “behind the scenes” version of Morocco.

✅ A Tel Aviv-based photographer who believes that a good beer and some conversation can overcome any mental block.


✅ As always, a thick readers’ gallery in our industry that showcases photographers at all levels.

✅ & more in 245 beautifully laid out pages



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