Inspired Eye Issue 37


Inspired Eye is a photography magazine that exists to showcase the work of interesting people within the photography community, whether you’ve heard of them or not. You will learn and be inspired in ways you didn’t expect.

A few highlights from this issue:

✅ How a photographer uses his craft to conquer debilitating issues
✅ A poignant reason to listen to music while photographing
✅ A diplomat-photographer asks, what is street photography?
✅ How a photographer found connection in his work
✅ Why Street photography is the “great Equalizer”
✅ A photographer’s quest for classic images and how he achieves it
✅ How to make images compelling, a strategy from a teacher
✅ A unique look at Toronto, 30 years back
✅ A gritty, exclusive look at the life of British Gangsters
✅ The poetic imagery of a mother photographing her children
✅ Half a dozen street photography tips from an Israeli Photographer
✅ How a photographer got his start in front of the camera

✅ & more in 226 beautifully laid out pages

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