Inspired Eye Issue 38


Inspired Eye is a photography magazine that exists to showcase the work of interesting people within the photography community, whether you’ve heard of them or not. You will learn and be inspired in ways you didn’t expect.

A few highlights from this issue:

✅ How photography has “cracked the world open” for this photographer
✅ This trick helps a minister-photgrapher to make the most of seeing images
✅ Who this NYC shooter reacted when they took a shot of HIM!
✅ This Berlin photographer’s brain-dead secret to boost your confidence

✅ Find out where in the world people ASK to be photographed
✅ Fear rejection? Turn it around says this photographer
✅ A vanishing coaltown documented by an Astrophysicist and photographer
✅ Step back in time to a little known island in the South of Korea

✅ Why this photographer decided to chase the passion and not the dollars
✅ A radical way to deal with successful or failed images
✅ This filmmaker blends grit with color in his photography
✅ & more in 255 beautifully laid out pages

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