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Quickly Learn to Create Remarkable Images That Shine Above The Rest

Our New Course Reveals How to Shoot Exceptional Images Using An Intuitive Methodology. This innovative method incorporates Psychology, Philosophy, Design And 55+ Years Of Insights In Photography.

“Anyone who goes through this material will become a much better photographer”

– William Dowell

Do you dream of your photographs in a gallery? To become a professional photographer? Or is it simply to be the best you can be? No matter your goal, it all starts with knowing how to craft outstanding images. You can do this without expensive gear or exotic locations. You don’t need to be particularly creative, you just need a method to do the heavy lifting for you.

The Inspired Eye Method  is currently closed

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What they say

What our clients had to say:

I was already familiar with Don and Olivier’s work through their blogs.  I respected their work so when I heard that they were putting together a course, I was immediately intrigued.

I’ve been doing street photography for about ten years but there is always something new to learn or a different way to look at things and that’s where I feel that this course will help any level of photographer.  It’s not just about about the photographs but about the process behind what even drives you to photograph something.  The informative but informal teaching style of Don and Olivier makes you feel like you’re part of a discussion rather than a lecture.

Tina Leggio

Photographer, NYC

What master photographers had wasn't special gear or secret technique, they had knowledge of the inner workings of photography, something this course offers. Anyone who goes through this material will become a much better photographer trough a deep understanding of images.

Having a course that focuses on understanding is extremely rare and extremely valuable. The immediate payoff is access to decades of experience and insights from photo editing, design and psychology (That Inspired Eye Method is brilliant). I was very impressed.

William Dowell

Former Time Correspondent, Author, PA

Compared to other courses, this one touches on two extremely important areas that most other courses leave out: the heart and the mind. You want to make images that look like everyone's? I think it would be best to look elsewhere.

You want to make images that breathe life, have soul, that speak your heart, that touch the viewer? Then you’re in the right place. Olivier and Don will help take you on your journey to make more meaningful images that stand out from the image noise that’s out there. Be brave. Be fearless. Be open.

Keith Goldstein

Photo Editor Shutterstock, Fine Art Photographer, NYC

As much as I really like the guidance on finding your intent as a photographer, I think by far the biggest benefit of this course is learning how to SEE and evaluate the different scenes because many photographers can't see the images that are right in front of them.
This course will change that. I kept watching the material over and over so that I will be able to use them subconsciously when I'm out shooting in the streets.

I would highly recommend this course. Amazing job! ?

Gian Maagad

Photographer, Philippines

Don and Oliver’s philosophy and methods are spot-on and have helped me understand more clearly critical aspects of my own approach to street photography, guiding me to incorporate different, more thoughtful compositions. A deeper, more philosophical understanding of what is important while documenting your surroundings in real time is vital toward becoming a better photographer, and a person.

Mike Lee

Photographer, NYC

This I wish I had when I started out!

It offers great insights into the technical and compositional aspects of picturemaking, as well as profound discussions of the ‘Eye, Heart and Mind' of the photographer.

A truly passionate and inspirational journey, that I would happily recommend everyone who is seriously into the art of photography, or just about to enter this beautiful world.

Tommi Lina

Photographer, Sweden

The Inspired Eye Method  is currently closed

For more information and notification when it's available, please put your email below: